I Lost Everyone

The day I lost everyone
Was just too much
I had everyone
Now I have no one

So many people I could turn to in a crisis
Then I soon graduated, lost contact
Loved them because they listened to me
Started high school

Only had her left, but she has no time for every crisis
They say they're here to help, but all they do is boss me around
Not even qualified, assholes
Just leave I only need her, if you can't help

I've had too many inner emergencies
But she wasn't there, she couldn't be in two places at once
I understand, but it's not enough
Please come back everyone, I took you all for granted

I seem fine physically, but everything plays in my mind
Way too fast, I can't control it
Oh God please just come back to stay
It's not fair how this is

Prozac is here to take everyone's place
It f*cks everything up
You guys helped, at least know I'm doing some what better
Thank you for being there