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Raji's Life in words
Everything that goes on in my life that i think is worth sharing... Or atleast everything that that is worth sharing that is appropiate.
Samurai Love Story
The life of a samurai has been and always will be a life of solitude and service to your king. From an early age they are raised to be emotionless dogs that serve and protect, willing to quickly dive into death from fear of disgracing their family name. However, what about love? Are these dogs of the government even forbidden to find love? What sort of message would it send if one loyal soldier was willing to go renegade and willing to sacrifice everything for that one moment of pure happiness? Gaiomon was one such soldier with this dilemma. This is his story.

Gaiomon was born and raised to be nothing more than a war hound of King Susanoomon and was eventually privileged to become a part of the King’s Royal Guard, an elite group of samurai that were privileged enough stand in the King’s presence and protect him from harm. Among these elite were also Tactimon (the Loyal Tactician) and Zanbamon (the Army Daimyo or Leader). Both played key roles in Gaiomon’s journey of Bushido and would seem something very similar to friends or as close to friends as dogs were allowed to become.

Other than the current war going on between his kingdom and the neighboring kingdom, life was shaping up to be exactly how he wanted it to be: a long life of honor protecting that which was most valued by him, the life of their king. Whenever he was not involved in battle, it was his job to patrol the castle. However, things changed one day as the samurai was taking a stroll through the palace gardens. It was here that he stumbled on what he figured what must have been the most beautiful sight he’d ever laid his eyes upon. This was a sight that he was sure that even the most gorgeous flowers in the world could not even top. As he continued to look upon her, he noticed there was a certain aura about her that made her look almost heavenly.

For a moment he was overtaken by fear, something up until now he had never experience. ”What… what is wrong with me? It is just a girl, why do I find it so hard to approach her?” He said to himself. He looked down and realized that his hands were shaking, what was this feeling? Taking a moment, he shook his head to attempt at removing the thoughts. He would picture this like any other mission. He one hand on his blade, he would approach the feminine creature. ”He… hey… Excuse me. I believe this is private property…” He would deepen his voice as he spoke, hopefully to mask the unsteadiness. ”Might… I ask your name?”

”Hehe, and might I ask whom you may be to ask such a thing of me?" She would not turn her head to face him, but would merely speak as if there was something muffling her sweet sounding voice.

Immediately upon hearing her voice, his legs would turn to jelly and a great blush would overtake him. ”I… I… I am…” His tough-boy façade would melt away leaving only a shaky, nervous, dragonoid warrior.

”Hehehe…” She would laugh again, realizing that it would be hard for him to answer now that she had stood up to him and turned his question against him. ”Very well.” Gracefully turning around, she would reveal herself. ”I am Sanzomon, the King’s Daughter.” The playfulness of her voice would change to that of a commanding one.

Upon hearing the title, the female’s name and titled, Gaiomon would drop to one knee and bear his face on the sacred ground. ”So sorry your highness. I was unaware of your presence and was merely—“

”Patrolling the gardens. Yes, yes… I know who you are and what you are doing. Thank you.” As her commanding tone descended, a softer one would take its place. She would slowly step towards him and would place a hand on the bottom of his chin and would race it to meet her gaze.

”Ma’am?” He would be confused by this action and would subconsciously try to bring his face from meeting hers. It would usually be a crime for one of lower class to look royalty in the face. However, by means unknown to him, he would be unable to do so.

”Don’t worry,” Her words embracing him like silk. ”Though my father may treat you on the same level as a beast, I understand that you are more than that.” She would then place both hands on his face and would lean down to kiss his forehead. ”Thank you for your service to both me as well as the King.” With that, she would release the hold that she had and would walk around him, turning to walk towards and enter the main palace.

Words would not come from his mouth and not even the entering breeze would be enough to extinguish the heat that consumed his face. Minutes would pass and strength would still not return to his legs. It was not until one of the other guards, Zanbamon, and his following escorts, two Musyamon, arrived that he would find the strength to stand. ”Oi, how long are you going to stay in that position! If you’ve got time to nap, you’ve got time to work!” Though Zanbamon recognized Gaiomon as a fellow guard of the king, he still treated the digimon like a greenhorn. ”Tactimon has called for us to talk strategy!” The half horse, half humanoid being would shake his head and would pace towards the tactician’s cabin.

”Oh yes… right away.” Feeling rather embarrassed about being caught and assumed ‘napping’. With the quickness he would head in the direction of the others to talk strategy with the other guards and nobles that were involved.

All throughout the briefing, he would be unable to focus on Tactimon’s lecture on the rules of war. His mind would be focused on Sanzomon and her beautiful locks of golden hair blowing in the summer breeze. He would imagine her running through a field of flowers to greet him with another kiss, this time on the mouth. He would almost have fallen into a peaceful sleep if not for Tactimon calling his name and waking him up. Embarrassment only began to build up from there, but this wake-up call had been enough for him to wake up and head off to battle.

Over the next few months, Gaiomon would become more and more attached to seeing her. During his patrols he would mentally map out where she would be and what time so that he could make sure to see her at least once per round. She too began to notice the courtship that was going on and would openly welcome it for she too had begun to develop feelings for the soldier. For a time they would go unnoticed, but eventually rumors got out about Gaiomon’s lack of interest in patrolling and that word got to Tactimon.

One evening Tactimon figured he would make an attempt to warn his comrade about the dangerous path he was taking and how it was forbidden for them to even speak to the King’s Daughter. On the outside it seemed well received, but on the inside Gaiomon had devised to only approach her when he was sure no one would be around to see him do so.

One night, Gaiomon steeled his courage and decided it was time to go to Sanzomon’s room. Being in charge of patrols he knew all the routes and even when the lower ranked soldiers would be patrolling the area. His plan was fool-proof. More ninja-like than samurai-like, Gaiomon would sneak through the palace, being sure not to be seen by any of the Musyamon. Once he reached the princesses room, he would move to knock on the door, seeing that it was already unlocked. Had she been waiting for him? Taking a deep gulp of air, Gaiomon would push the door open and would notice that Sanzomon was sitting in a corner brushing her hair. As he continued to look at her, he would notice that she was in a robe as opposed to her regular attire. Her hair would be down at the ground in length and she would be looking at him through the mirror.

”I knew you would come.” She said to him at a deep whisper. ”Rather daring aren’t we, soldier?” She would chuckle and close her eyes continuing to brush her hair.

”I… I had to see you.” He would choke out, being sure to be as quiet as possible since the king slept right across the hall. ”I… I don’t know how to describe this feeling that consumes me, that forces me to abandon all reason and order. It’s like a flame that continuously licks away at all the principles that I was born with.” He would step towards her and would kneel behind her oriental fashioned chair. ”If… if you would have me, I would like nothing more than to be your—“

Realizing where this was going, she would stop brushing and would turn her chair to face him ”This is where I must stop you.” She would say with sadness in both her eyes and voice. ”For I cannot allow one such as yourself to continue slipping yourself before me. You see… I am already destined to be with another.”

”You highness?” He would be confused and would look up only to look back down as her blessed bosom was in placed awkwardly in his face.

Sanzomon would chuckle realizing the predicament she had placed before him. She would stand and walk around him, moving towards her bed. ”This… this was has gone on long enough. There has been too much blood shed. To make amends to end this meaningless war, my father has planned to wed me to the king Gankoomon of the neighboring kingdom in an attempt to combine our kingdoms and end this war.” She sounded as if this decision was unfair and like she wanted something else.

”What?” The samurai would stand and approach her bed only to stop a foot or two away from it. ”When was this decision made? When is this to happen?” It had been almost a year since he began romantically pursuing Sanzomon and this decision overtook him with the force of a cannon shot.

”I… I do not know when this decision was made, but they plan to take me there tomorrow.” Though she never showed a sign of not liking this decision, after hearing Gaiomon’s confession and realizing how much she wanted to say yes to him, she could no longer contain her tears. Without thinking, she would thrust herself into Gaiomon’s chest and would weep silently.

Gaiomon would embrace her and then place one hand on her chin and would (similar to how she did to him so long ago) raise her face to meet his. Abandoning all rules, he would lean forward to kiss her, making mouth to mouth contact (even with a little tongue). He would feel confident wooziness as he realized that now she too was embracing him, throwing her hands around his neck. After a moment of passionate kissing, he would break the kiss and would sit on her bed with Sanzomon sitting next to him. Both would be consumed by the heat of the moment. ”Let’s run away… tonight. I know all the routes and secret entrances to and from the palace. We could make it out without anyone ever knowing when and how we left!” He would take both of her soft hands and hold them in his hardened.

”What? But… but what about the kingdom? What about my father?” She would be taken back by his confident plans that reeked all of kinds of treason. ”No… though I love you, I must put my kingdom first. I’m… I’m sorry.”

”I… I understand.” Not saying a word, he would let go of her hands and would stand.

”My knight? What is the matter?”

”Nothing.” he would say as he stepped towards the door to leave. ”We have our duties. I am the King’s dog and you his daughter. We have roles to play and to try and change them is immature, reckless, and treason to the crown. I apologize for my forwardness.” Without waiting for an answer he would step out and leave the castle.

”My knight…” She would reach out for him, but would be unable to command her legs to go to him. He was right and she knew it. Tomorrow she would be taken to marry the Monkey King in the south and she would spearhead the unity between both kingdoms.

On the following day, Gaiomon woke up to Tactimon. ”Gaiomon, today you have been given a most sacred task.” Gaiomon woke awaken with great confusion. Rising from his bed, he would notice Tactimon was standing in his doorway looking outside as opposed to inside. ”The king has taken notice of your interest in his daughter and has decided that he will leave you in charge of the battalion that will be escorting his daughter to that wreaked Monkey’s kingdom. You are to also stay there as her personal bodyguard… and nothing more.” Gaiomon would not be able to fully grasp the situation or what Tactimon was saying to him. ”Well, get up… the caravan will be heading out shortly.”

Finally understanding the opportunity their gracious king had given him, Gaiomon would quickly get suited in his shiny armor and would head out to meet a glowing Sanzomon. He would glance her way to see she was smiling at him, though she would look away once someone looked at her. After all preparations where complete, the two and their escorts would make their way to the kingdom of Gokuwamon to marry his son, Makuramon.

On their journey, Gaiomon could occasionally make conversation with Sanzomon. As he was the highest ranking officer, no one would make a comment about him continuing to do so.

”So, was this your doing?” He would ask as he walked beside her horse-pulled carriage.

”Hmm? No, actually. It was my father’s decision for you to escort me. Probably had something to do with how good you are at patrolling. If there were to be an ambu—“

”WE’RE UNDER ATTACK!!” A Musyamon would call out as he was hit by an arrow, falling off his horse. Hearing the cry of the fallen soldier, both Gaiomon and the remaining Musyamon would quickly move to surrounding the caravan as a group of rouge ogremon wearing banana bandannas would appear with bows and bone clubs.

”You carrying precious cargo in that their carriage?” the leader would call out as he pointed a bloody club at the Gaiomon. ”No point in lying either, we know you got the princess in there!” He and his comrades would chuckle at one another at the thought of taking Princess Sanzomon as their prisoner.

Gaiomon was silent as he put all the details together. It all made sense, the ambush, the banana bandannas, knowing the princess was traveling. This was all a trap set up by Monkey kingdom! Gaiomon would quickly draw both of his blades pointing them at the horde of ogremon. ”This was all a trap set by the Monkey King! Everyone too arms! Protect the princess with your lives!! FOR KING SUSANOOMON!!!” Upon rallying his remaining band, the Musyamon would charge towards the ogremon and they [the ogremon] would do the same. ”Don’t worry, Princess. I will protect you!” The dragonoid samurai would say as he slashed an approaching bandit. Dragon Sword Technique Rinkazan Charging his samurai spirit into his sword, he would lash outward and strike multiple ogremon with ethereal slashes.

After a great period of fighting and clashing of sabers, the sounds would stop. Sanzomon would take a dear to open the door of her carriage. She would gasp at the sight of ogremon and Musyamon alike bleeding on the forest floor. She would then cry when she spotted who she was looking for. Looking at a nearby tree she would see a Gaiomon leaning against a tree with arrows sticking out of his body. Cough, Cough Sanzo… Sanzomon. I’m glad you are safe. Please… “

”No, no, no!!” From her pocket, Sanzomon would produce a scroll and would unbind it. A blinding light would appear and Sanzomon would be chant. As she would chant, her body too would begin to glow. Sanzomon was attempting to heal her samurai-lover. ”It will be alright.” She would say in a soothing voice. ”I’m going to get you all better and then you and I… you and I are going to run away together.”

”What?” Gaiomon would feel the power of the scroll taking effect and healing his injuries. ”What do you mean?”

”Well… I was thinking about it and this is the perfect opportunity.” Seeing that the healing was done she would close the scroll and place it back in her pocket. She would help the Gaiomon up to his feet and would assist him as they walked into the sunset.

Sorry, I derped on ending a bit.

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