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My Thoughts, Rants, Etc.
Discontinued No Longer
Valentine's 2k14 Anons
You are sitting by yourself in one of the rooms of the Sanguine Moon castle, enjoying a quiet moment alone, when you suddenly feel a chill run down your spine.
Looking around you, it seems like nothing's changed; it's an average midwinter eve, the castle is quiet and you're all on your own.
Or... Are you? When you turn around to go back to what you were doing, suddenly a dark-haired man with bright blue eyes steps out of the shadows.
A reassuring smile on his face, he bows gently.
"Forgive me if I startled you, milady. I saw you sitting there all by yourself, such a beautiful young maiden, and thought you might perhaps like some company. It is never a good idea to be on your own when night falls, around these parts."
He takes your hand and places a gentle kiss on it, his eyes almost seeming to glow in the dim light of the room.
"Please allow me to introduce myself; my name is Alexey, and I'm a vampire. Don't be alarmed, I mean you no harm."

What will you do?

~Dragan's Vampires

The young man chuckled lightly, his smile revealing a pair of sharp fangs.
"They do always claim that one catches more flies with honey than with vinegar, don't they?"
He looks you over, the glow in his eyes getting brighter as he locks his gaze with yours; you don't know why, but there's something about those eyes that puts you at ease and draws you in at the same time.
"A lovely name for a lovely lady; and not one to be trifled with, if the dragon part is to be believed. It truly is a pleasure to meet you."
He nods and smiles gently. For a moment, everything in the room is quiet again.

His attention seemingly focused elsewhere, he suddenly turns back to you, his face slightly more serious than before.
"There is another reason why I sought you out... I must admit that I have not fed in a while; but our clan prides ourselves on our manners and honour, and so we would never dare to take any blood without asking. I apologize for being frank, but I would like to ask you if you would be willing to grant me some of your blood."
A moment of hesitation. When he speaks again, his eyes are glowing brighter than ever, leaving you unable to look away.
"It would make me very happy... I only need a bit. And don't worry, I will do my best to keep the pain to a minimum; it will hardly even leave a mark."

~Dragan's Vampires

Another small chuckle.
"The tail does give you away, yes; but it doesn't diminish your charm in any way. I dare say it adds to it, even."

One hand softly stroking your bangs aside, he leans in closer, his voice no more than a soft whisper. "I do prefer it straight from the vein... Even the wrist is acceptable. And you'll find that our bites can be quite... pleasurable."
A small smirk as he moves back, his eyes once again focused on yours.
"Of course, if you really insist, bloodbags are, at the very least, better than nothing; and your kind gesture is most definitely appreciated. This means that I have your permission to drink your blood, correct?" Those eyes... They make it hard to think.
He smiles, patiently awaiting your answer.

~Dragan's Vampires
The vampire sits back in one of the chairs in the room, waiting for your return.
This one is a slippery one, master... Though she did offer up her blood, she never explicitly gave me permission. However, my mesmer seemed effective, so she might yet be of use to us.

As you come back to him with the blood, he stands up and bows lightly in appreciation.
"Many thanks, milady; rest assured that your kindness will not be forgotten and the debt will be repaid. In fact, should you wish for a chance at eternal life, we will be more than happy to lend a hand; joining our clan comes with many great advantages. You are, of course, free to decline as well."
With a gentle smile, he leans in and kisses your hand once more; his eyes glow brightly as he slowly walks back, vanishing into the shadows.
"Thank you again for your blood; and I do hope you'll consider my generous offer. Until we meet again, milady."

Walking over to where he disappeared, you can't find anything out of the ordinary; there doesn't even seem to be an exit there. Was the man really there, or did you imagine everything?

~Dragan's Vampires

(( Thank you, as well, for responding; it's lovely to find someone who will play along in kind. I greatly enjoyed reading your replies. <3 ))

Once Upon A time there were 4 Dark Masters. and I will avenge them.

Dear-heart I hate to need a messenger...

But Someone needs to be alerted that a Cold Package is waiting for them.
may you please simply tell Pipia I have sent her a Valentine?
I wish to eventually see her reaction to my ... Present.

Dark-Hunter Girl

That Should Suffice.
Pipia lurks around you guys just not...frequently.

Thank you for you help.
And you are welcome for the...trinket gifts.
Dark-Hunter Girl

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