"High School Love ( Boyxboy)"
Valentine's Day Special emotion_bigheart

I woke up in the morning feeling all relaxed and well. "It's time to go to school," I muttered and walked up to my mirror. I could see my face there, with a very fizzy hair and some eye bugs. I don't really like them but oh well. I went to the bathroom and washed myself there. Then after it, I took out my uniform and wore it. I feel so ready right now and heads down to the kitchen. At the kitchen, my mother was setting the dishes on the table. But the way she sets it was magic. She used her fingers to control and levitate the dishes. It wasn't shocking to me at all. When the she was done with her work we immediately had a breakfast.

Oh yeah. I don't really have a father nor siblings. My mother said that my father took my siblings with him when we were young. It was pretty sad for me too. I bet my siblings were missing me right now. Anyways, I walked out of house kissing my mom on the cheeks and bid goodbye to her. The sun was shining down at me and it feels like I feel more energy from the sun like usual. It's really exciting to meet new faces in the first year of high school. Oh wait! I am Plum Earthshake and my mom's really funny. My name was funny. I went to the bus stop and there I took a seat on the bench.

A bus stopped at me. "Are you heading to Wizardia Academia?" He asked. "Yes please." I replied and then walked inside the bus. There were so many students in the bus and the shocking thing about this bus is that, the bus looks small in the outside but it is very large in the inside. Magic it's really something. So I took a seat next to a girl who was wearing a red scarf. She seems to be very silent and was staring out of the window. "Uhm.. Can I take a-" "A seat?" She said cutting me off. "Yeah.." I replied putting my hands on my head. "I don't see why not." She turned her gaze at me and smiled. I smiled back and took a seat, sighing. "Thank you." I said.

"So you're a new student like me too huh?" She asked while still looking at the window. How did she knew? "Uhm.. Yeah I am a new student. And how did you know that I am new?" I replied raising my eyebrow. "Well you're just new." She said. "Well you are new too and everyone's faces is new to you. So how did you know?" I said sarcastically. She sighed and looked at me. "Nah. I hate to argue. So zip." She said rather annoyed. So I stopped talking now and looked around the bus.

The bus had so many students in. There were people who had ears like cats and also tails. There were people who wears a scary-looking hat. And also there were some who was looking at him. Those people really creep me out. So I'll just avoid them when I arrive at the school. "Kids hold on to your seat belt. We will be going fast because we will be late for the school." The bus driver said and I quickly put on my seat belt. It was really strange when the bus suddenly went fast and my head was stuck to my seat. Gaaaah! That was really fast indeed.

Suddenly the bus slowed down and I was like being sucked into a the black hole in my front. Gosh!! The school was very big! The bus went to the parking lots of the school. My eyes went wide as I see the parking lot. Wow!! There are so many cars and buses being parked there. The door of the bus suddenly opened and students came out of the bus. There were so many people walking on the center so I can't stand there. I look at the student on my side. When will she ever move?? Nevermind her! I look at line which was lessen right now and took my bag and went into the line. Finally! I followed to the people now and walked out of the bus.

The school was really huge when you look at it outside. The crowd started to move inside the school and I quickly ran after them not minding about that woman. As I walk in the school. My jaw almost dropped to see students standing in front of the stage. All of them were boys. Gosh! I never knew that this was an All Boys School. The paper didn't explain it clearly. Gah.. But what about that girl with the red scarf? I looked around for her and saw her in the back of the crowds. She was really silent. So I went through the crowds and went to her. The girl looked at me and blushed. I think she doesn't like people hanging out with her. I think she's a timid person. Then I stopped from going further and went back into the crowd. "Silence please." A gentle voice then spoke.

I quickly looked at the stage to see who it was. And there the headmaster standing there, looking at all of his students under the stage. I could hear the place getting silent and I got silent also. "Welcome to Wizardia Academia!" The headmaster said in a loud voice. "I hope all of you will a good student here," He paused for a moment and smiled. "Because if not, then I will be feeding you to our Cerberus." He smirked at us. Gosh. That is really scary indeed. "Well that was only a joke. And good morning." He said and smiled at us. I sighed in relief. I think that this school will be great! "Now children's please go to your classrooms. If you see your name on the paper that is attached to the room. Then that will be your classroom." He smiled and walked back inside the building.

The crowd started to move and I'm really excited to go found out which my room was. So I followed them and ended up in the hallway. Gosh! The hallway was really long and I could see many classrooms. Some classrooms were now filled and some were dead silent. I kept on walking until the crowds became lessen. I was really scared to be lost in my first day of school so I really look up to the papers and scanned my name on it.

Luckily, I found my name on a classroom with less students inside. I think it's probably one of the least classrooms in the school. But anyways I really like to have less classmates. 'Cause I don't believe in the more the merrier. So I cupped my hand on the doorknob and slowly turned it. I walked inside the classroom and looked at the professor. The professor was tall and he was like a giant. Probably in 7 feet and above. The professor smiled at me and gestured on to take a seat. I walked up to the last seat near the window. I kinda liked it there. The professor clapped his hand now. "Now guys. It seems that we still don't know each other we will be introducing ourselves." He smiled at us. "By the way, I'm Nicholas Black your homeroom teacher and I expect great from you guys," He paused looking around the classroom. "Let's start introducing ourselves starting from you. The girl with a red scarf." The girl with a red scarf? Isn't he talking about that girl I saw on the bus?

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