It just sucks when the person you love the most in your entire life just ceases the relationship on the most romantic day of the year. I am just in complete awe and shock and I am not over it.

I just can't believe that he had ended it there. On the last minute of today, I was given the "I don't think this'll work out" line. I'm just ranting here but he, I have loved him ever since he walked through the doors of my highschool. I have given him everything (not sexually) but mostly everything. For someone like me to actually care about someone else means something. It's not just some sort of lust or anything of that sort. I honestly and truly love him. I was never the type to admit it nor was I ever so verbal about it but my actions were, as cliche as it sounds, louder than words. Four years just went down the drain. Four confusing years of my life that I had spent with him just vanished into thin air. I don't know if I did anything wrong or if my passivity was the cause of it all... I'm just in complete shock right now and I just needed to rant.

I'm just hoping it was all just a nightmare and that he'd call me later to tell me "I love you" but I know it won't happen...
OMG... Im just going to cry myself to sleep tonight hoping that everything gets better.

What a way to end my day crying