february has been a weird work month.

i worked the 4th to the 7th. was supposed to work the 10th to the 14th but i went to the doctor monday, so it was a 4 day work week. today my only class was cancelled, and instead they had me play yutnori with all the other teachers. i threw mo 4 times in a row. later on they gave me man won (a little less than 10 bucks) as prize money. i can't really say why... i didn't really understand a lot of what they were saying.
despite throwing mo four times in a row, my team lost - because the other team threw gae and stole our pieces off the board.

next week i work mon, tues, & wed is the graduation & closing ceremony. after that, they're making me use my remaining vacation days til i go to the new school.

i'm not sure which day i'm supposed to go to the new school. very confused.

i also have a not so pleasant prospect. i chose this school because the other school had my co teacher's wife working at it. come to find out the co's wife transferred to my new school! (coincidence?) and she's trying her darnedest to get the open spot as an english teacher.
if her english is anything like her husband's -- she may have a high TOEFL score, but her ability to use language and pronounce it will be very low.

yesterday, while despicable me 2 played for the students, my co said to me (upon gru being accused of having cooties) "this is, how you say pul-ling?" and he had to spell it for me to get what he was saying "bullying". i emphasized to him that it had 3 syllables, but he still is stuck with 2. i had to explain to him why bullying is bad, even pulling up "wangda" (king of hits, aka the runt child who gets ALL bullying from everyone in a korean school), and he still didn't see how it was necessarily bad.
he was all "he (gru) got da trauma and he is isolated" (he pulled out "isolated" probably because that word is used in Let It Go from Frozen, which we'd just watched that song). "what you call this?" i could only think of "hermit" or "shut-in" (tho recluse is better). and i had to explain that hermits choose to isolate themselves, they pull away from people... whereas gru didn't really.. he became a bad guy, and then a good guy, and he never secluded himself from people - he just has a phobia of women... I didn't get all that out there - just managed to get the basic word "hermit" in there.

i'd say this guy needs to watch an ass-ton of english movies. but then i fear the guy also has no common sense or filter/censor -- that is he can't pick up on and easily discern between "good" and "bad" words. his EQ and whatever else you would call it - is low.

ok, now i'm just ranting.

the only thing i know for certain about his wife is --- i "met" her once. we were both standing cheering on my school's teachers' volleyball team. i had no idea who she was, and she knew who i was, and she didn't introduce herself. she didn't even greet me. i only found out later from my co teacher that that was his wife, and "she didn't greet you because she's shy." i don't think shy is exactly the right word.
it would have been very easy to say to me - in english or korean - "hello, my name is ____, and i'm so-and-so's wife." i DO understand that much.
if you want to be an English teacher, but don't have the courage to greet someone you kind of know (cuz let's face it - they both do not have any other english speaker in their life right now) - then it probably won't go easy for you.