The cold air filtered through the pitch black room. The sound of a fan echoed off the walls and the faint sound of music filled the room. The young woman laid in her bed, sound asleep, nearly trapped in her own mind. She tossed and turned as she dreamt. Sadness filled her heart and she began crying out. Her faint voice whipered and begged. She thrashed about her bed, getting tangled in the covers as her head filled with terrible thoughts.

It was a stormy day out. The young womans favorite weather. Her pale skin looked even paler as the storm clouds reflected dim lighting throughout the sky. Her long brown hair swayed in the wind and was damp from the rain. A smile was on her face as she stood at the window. Long arms wrapped around her. "Now now, Belle. What's on your mind?" the young male asked as he hugged her from behind. A small laugh fled from her rosy lips. "Sam, why don't we take the kids out to dinner. I bet they would like to get out of the house. Don't you think?" she asked, turning to the young male. They were about the same height. His hair was cut short and his facial hair nicely trimmed. His peircing green eyes looked soft and relaxed. "That sounds like a briliant idea" he said as his lips curved up into a smile. Belle wrapped her arms around Sam's neck and pulled him close. Touching her lips to his, both of thier eyes fluttered shut.

Zayne sat in his room, disappointed that he was stuck inside. The young five year old hated being inside. He wanted to go out and play in the puddles and catch the rain on his tongue. His eyes matched his fathers. They were a gorgeous green. His hair was a bit longer. The curly dark brown hair fell just bellow his ears. He wore a tshirt and a pair of pants. Just everyday clothing for a five year old. Juliette, on the other hand, wasn't as upset as her brother was. Only four years old, but so full of life, the young girl sat in her room. She played with her dolls like she did every day. She looked so much like her mother. She had large brown eyes and lond, dark brown hair. Her skin was pale and unmarked of scars or injuries. She had rosy read cheeks and dark pink lips. Her hair was pulled back into a bow and she wore a pretty blue dress with little black shoes.

The young children could hear their mother call from the living room. They both ran out as fast as they could and were overjoyed when they heard they were going out. They all laughed as they ran through the rain. "I'm gonna beat you!" The young boy taunted as he raced his little sister to the car. "Nooo!" was all the little girl could muttler as she pushed herself forward. "Be careful, you two!" Sam's voice rang from behind. The family of four was on their way to the diner.

All piled up in their little white car, Sam and Belle made sure the kids were tucked away in their seat belts and safe. Belle sat quietly in the drivers seat as she broghed the little car to life. Belle sat beside her in the passenger seat and smiled to himself. The little family were so happy. The car ride to the diner was short and peaceful. The kids talked to eachother and their parents were quiet and content as they listened. All was well in the world.

Once they were at the diner, they all piled in. It was quiet there. Oddly, it was empty for it being six o clock. For, they were the only ones inside, other than staff, They took their seat and looked over the menu's. They laughed to themselve's. The happy little average american family sat in the booth for what seemed like hours, just enjoying their trip out. A bell rang through the air and a drift caught their table. Belle turned her head slightly to see a figure make its way through the door.

To be Continued when I wake up ^^'