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Little red chapter 1 the wolf found me?
It was just a normal night for Karina hanging with her friends on new years she was at the club with Helena and the other girls but all that ended in a flash....

So what now all the lights are out and we can't see a thing! Helena yelled. Well only one thing we can do is just find a flashlight and get the hell out of here. Karina answered and started to look for a flashlight. Hey girls why does the floor feel wet? Simone asked shaken. Guys I don't like that smell....Karina started to get scared. What smell I don't smell anything? Mya said. What kind of smell is it? Mickey asked.Its blood.... Karina answered frightened. Hey I found a flashlight and you might want to see this. Rozeena yelled. Oh my god is that a dead body! Ashley exclaimed. Yeah and its fresh. Karina said then bent down to check out the blood. Well Karina your the hunter! Helena exclaimed. Hmph well the gashes on the boys chest were differently made by an animal but what kind? Karina asked herself in a puzzled tone.

Oh great now we got a killer on the lose great just great now we're all gonna die! Emily exclaimed. Oh shut up we're not gonna die alright. Karina said. Then the girls heard a crash from the outside parking lot across the club. Oh s**t what was that! Rozeena exclaimed in fear. All of you stay I'll go check it out. Karina whispered. No we're coming with you! Helena exclaimed. Oh no you aren't I've been in this problem before and had loads of experience so stay here if you want to live! Karina whispered. Fine. Helena said. Ok here take it to protect yourselves. Karina handed Helena a hand pistol. Ok now go! Helena said. Then the girl went out to the parking lot and heard growled in crashing and scratching on cars. Come on you b*****d.....Karina whispered. Then all went quiet but Karina still had her guard up and she held the 47 desert eagle tight and ready to shoot. Come on! Karina yelled at the top of her lungs then a big black wolf leaped from behind the SUV and swiped the gun out of the girl's hand. Ah damn! Karina yelled. The wolf roared Karina looked back and made a run for the gun but the wolf grabbed her by the legs and dragged her towards him. The was about to eat Karina she the grabbed her dagger and cut the wolf.

It yelped then went in for another attack but Karina kicked the wolf away and ran off to find her friends. It just stared as the girl in the red tank top and black skinny jeans black boots with long brown hair flowing in the winter wind run away frighted and wanted t dry but didn't she stayed strong and prayed that she would never see the wolf again. Karina are you alright! Helena exclaimed as the cops were with them. Yeah I...I'm fine just a little beat up that's all. Karina answered. You girl's should get home and stay safe alright. said the officer. Yes sir we'll do just that. Ashley was very firm with the officer. Ok have a safe night. said the officer.

Thanks you two. Karina answered. Then the officer went inside the parking lot when no one was looking. Jake I know your here come out. the officer answered. So Mark are you gonna tell my dad about what happened back there. Jake answered solemnly. Yes you can't go on a hunger lust when you are under my vision your luck that I'm not reporting this to the ten werewolf saints. Mark huffed. Oh come on bud we're both two wolves in the city looking for a good meal. Jake smiled. But that girl was a Lopez she's a high rank killer to are kind. Mark said with a straight face. Hmph I scared her off didn't I. Jake huffed and looked away. Look just cause your call the shadow alpha doesn't mean that you can kill humans for fun now that I have a dead man on my hands I'm gonna have to cover for you again. Mark growled. Thanks buddy I might even go after that little red and kill her.Jake smiled. Mark then turned in shock and anger. What I'm kidding jeez....Jake answered. Hmph you should stick to eating animals they aren't that bad at all. Mark then walked out.

Hmph who needs rules anyways I'm the shadow alpha. Jake said. He then thought of the girl that he tried to kill and started to blush when she held her gun. What is this feeling?! Jake thought. Stop it Jake get it together your an alpha and you can't be falling for a mortal I already have a girlfriend. Jake thought. Oh Jakey! Fiona yelled. Oh hey babe what are you up to? Jake asked. I wanted to find you I heard you got into a fight with a Lopez they'er really strong i bet he lost. Fiona smiled. Actually it was a girl and she got my good too. Jake smiled. Hmph well if I see her I'll kill her. Fiona yelled. "sigh" Fiona I have to talk to you...Jake said solemnly. Yeah what? Fiona asked a little concerned. I'm breaking up with you...Jake answered. Wh...what why! Fiona yelled. I know your cheating on me for Hunter its over goodbye. Jake then ran off into the night hearing his ex yelling "YOU JERK!"

Jake then followed the scent of the young 15 year old and found her home but by the time he got their she was fast asleep and the doors were locked. I'll see you tomorrow little red. Jake said then ran back home where a new day will come.

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