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RP Sample:
Note: this is from an RP I was involved in where we weren't allowed to be inside the character's head, which is why there's zero mention of my character's thoughts/internal dialogue.

The traffic in Keris was unusually bad the morning of M.A.G.I.'s annual conference of magical girls, but that didn't seem to bother the slight, pale brunette moving at an almost languid pace across the sidewalk nearby. While everyone else around her was in a rush; their faces etched with the single-minded purpose of reaching their destination, their feet moving at the fastest walk they could muster, she almost seemed to be doing the opposite. Her half-laced combat boots dragged across the pavement; her head hung low, dark brown bangs falling into her eyes. If any of the passerby had bothered to give her a closer look, they would have noticed the slight quiver at the edge of her lips.

When she was just a few blocks away from the Hall of Maidens, the girl vanished into an alleyway. Seconds later, a flash of golden sparks shot up from between two stores; causing several of the more observant city-dwellers to lean over and mutter to each other.

Look at that, they said; usually young girls who eagerly devoured the newest episodes of Magical Miss Sparkle Stars and spent their days following the escapades of the Sparkling Youth on television. It must be a magical girl getting ready to go to the conference, and isn't that exciting? Isn't she just the luckiest thing?

Ten seconds later, those observant passerby were rewarded by the sight of Sparkle Phoenix rising above them all and swooping above the traffic. Several lucky girls made eye contact with the magical girl, and were rewarded with a smile and a wave in return. Although Sparkle Phoenix wasn't nearly as famous as a team like the Sparkling Youth, she was easily recognizable as one of the few winged warriors outside of the Pure Maidens. And that morning, with her golden hair flying behind her and her red sash flapping in the wind, she was hard to miss.

Sparkle Phoenix touched down shortly outside the Hall of Maidens and made her way inside, fighting against the crush of unfamiliar magical girls. She greeted several acquaintance she had made from the two conferences she'd attended previously; but was conspicuously alone. The rest of her teammates were late; and so it was up to her to represent Caerleon at the opening conference. Eventually, however, the area outside the Maiden's Shrine grew almost unbearably crowded; and so with a murmur of "Wings of Gold!" the girl rose into the air once more.

She was hovering above the crowd, her arms crossed, eyes sweeping the sea of magical girls below, when the door to the Maiden's Shrine was opened for the first time. Sparkle Phoenix had a perfect view of the ripple of discontent that ran through the crowd; of the shock and horror on the magical girls' faces. She swooped lower; her amber eyes narrowing with concern, and lowered herself soundlessly until she was at just the right angle to see into the Maiden's Shrine.

Her mouth opened slightly; and a horrified, choking gasp escaped from between her quivering lips. Her wings flickered once, twice, and vanished completely as the magical girl's concentration disappeared. It was only a six-foot drop or so to the floor; and, as a magical girl, Sparkle Phoenix was in no real danger of being hurt. Yet when she landed on the ground, almost flattening a couple of the people beneath her, she did not move. Instead she sat for a second, quite still, her eyes glazed over and her face pale and still.

"The blood..." she whispered hoarsely. "There is so much...so much blood."

When Sparkle Phoenix was helped to her feet; murmurs of concern rising around her, she remained pale. Her footsteps unsteady, she hurried over to a small bench by the wall and sat down, clasping her hands to her knees.

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