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The things that flew out of my head...

White Rider Pestilence
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Elwin: /thought she would go visit her dear friend and his lady today, regardless of her husband's protests about her leaving their home/ /he went on about it being too dangerous for her to leave, and she may get hurt/ /her response was she could handle herself, she was a goddess, after all/ /and added in that she does not get a lot of sunlight these days/ ... /pauses her step in between some of the trees/ /hoping he has gone the right way/ /her husband had offered her a steed to use for travel, but she had turned his offer down in favor of walking the entire way to her destination/ /on the condition that there would be a steed for her own needs some distance away from her, able to be summoned at her call/ /Iri only means well for her, thus she would not complain to this/ /she is currently bare foot, and wearing a grey dress that one of the sleeves drapes off one of her shoulders, with a dark belt around her waist/ /the cool air does not bother her/ /continues walking, feeling certain she is not lost/ /at her feet, harmless mushrooms, not very large, spring from the ground in the grass without a thought from her/ /she is pretty close to where she wishes to go/ /within twenty more minutes of walking, her feet begin to tire/ /but more importantly the house is in view/ /she smiles/ /happy to have seemingly made her way there/ /she may have started walking yesterday, but this does not matter at all, as she is now able to finish walking/ /once she steps into the clearing, she calls out/ Hello!? Is anyone around? /her voice sounding pleasant, and clear when she speaks/ /I wonder if anyone's home.../

Silvia: /looking at a map she has smoothed out over the bed/ /would have waited until Makarioa was gone to unfold it/ /thinking about something Cerra mentioned to her about last time she met with the other goddesses in the Spirit Realm/ /she said there was something I should go see.../ /glides her index finger over the map's thick, papery surface/ /stops when it is over a deep red circle/ /it was something in this area../ /this was supposed to be an empty monster nest... was it not?/ /narrows her eyes in thought/ /why would she want me to go to such a place?/ /"Something about this nest has changed."/ /that was all she had to say about these tunnels last time we spoke/ /Diana seemed concerned as well.../ /perhaps it has become a hideout for another group of monsters?/ ... /I hope Makarioa will not be bothered by the possibility of me returning home at a later date than planned.../ /I was told to investigate the monster nest as soon as I could/ /moves to fold up the map again, had finished marking down what she needed to/ /wraps a string around the folded map to keep it closed/ /this way, she can fit it into her shoulder bag with ease/ Now, let me go get my bag so I can tuck this away for la--... /pauses when she hears a woman's voice/ /slides herself off of the bed, standing up when she can/ /would have set the map back down on the bed before heading towards the doorway/ /steps out into the clearing, looking around for the source of the voice she heard while she was inside/ /notices Elwin rather quickly/ Hello? Did you need something? /her voice is calm, yet she is speaking at a volume that could easily travel to the woman across the clearing/ /the tone of her voice is a deep, soft one/ /feels no need to try and change this, since she has been speaking in such a way for a long time/

Elwin: /looks around after calling out/ /admiring her location, taking in a breath of the fresh air/ /is Makarioa inside?/ /looks at Silvia when she speaks/ /she has a friendly smile on her face/ Hello. I hope you do not mind an unexpected visit. /she is speaking somewhat quieter than she had previously/ /it isn't like she could have given notice, though perhaps a sending a bird may have sufficed, then again it could get lost too and may not prove to be very reliable/ I am the goddess Elwin. I had wanted to come for a visit, if it is not too much trouble. /she would most likely appear to be very different from a normal person, as she never was one/ /takes a few steps closer to Silvia/ Is Makarioa here? Or is he resting? Not that it particularly matters.. /waves her hand a little, with her last words/ /would not want to bother him if it could be avoided, since he is.. unwell very often/ /she mainly had wanted to meet Silvia anyway/ /it matters little to her if her Makarioa is around or not/ /thinking about sitting down in a moment/ /there are mushrooms gathering at her feet/ /it may be a little hard to tell seeing as the bottom of her dress is touching the ground/ /Silvia is likely to have heard a few things about Elwin, and know who she is/

Silvia: /smiling warmly, her eyes showing a similar, comforting expression/ /she is wearing a long dress with some details around the hem/ /her sleeves are long as well/ /looking at Elwin/ /would have listened to what the woman had to say before speaking/ It is fine, I do not mind at all. /had not expected to ever meet any of the gods or goddesses of this world/ /blinks a few times/ Ah, so you are Elwin? /pauses, briefly/ My name is Silvia. I am delighted to make your acquaintance, Elwin. /doesn't feel like she should use her own title here, as it means almost nothing in this world/ /Silvia is a humble person at heart, so she rarely uses her title regardless of what world she is in/ Makarioa is not here at this moment, though, I am sure he will return soon. You may wait for him here, if you would like to. /doesn't seem to mind Elwin's presence at all/ /appears rather friendly/ /wondering if she should start boiling some water for tea/ /may ask Elwin about this, if she decides to stay/ (Silvia is currently assuming Elwin is there for Makarioa, because she asked about him)

Elwin: /takes less than a moment to look Silvia over/ I had a feeling you were Silvia, by the look of you. /she has a smile remaining on her face/ I'm not worried about waiting for Makarioa. /as she isn't originally here to see him/ As a matter of fact, I came here to meet you, so he is free to take as long as he may need for what ever it is he may be doing. Is there a place I could sit down? /looking around when she asks this/ /wishes to sit before she continues speaking/ /happens to hold Silvia in a high regard because she is a fellow goddess/ /which all of the gods and goddesses may have been informed about/ /minus Agiros, and any evil lesser god that Narcisse does not trust/

Silvia: /had not quite expected her to say that she came to see her/ /though, this doesn't bother her/ /Silvia knows that she is a foreigner to this world/ /it is only be natural that a few of the "more powerful" people in this land would wish to see her/ /her mood still seems mostly relaxed/ /looking directly into Elwin's eyes while she speaks to her/ I see, well, it is nice to have you. /smiles a bit/ I hope you did not have to travel too far. /glances around when the other goddess asks if there is a place she can sit down/ /thinking about this for a moment/ You are free to sit anywhere you would like to. Though, you may come inside, if you wanted a chair. /pauses for a moment before speaking again/ Would you like me to make you a cup of tea? It is the least I could do for such an important visitor. /rests her eyes on Elwin again/ /she has an interesting look to her.../ /I wonder what it is like in the place she normally resides in this world../ /glances down at the mushrooms, has just noticed them/ /though, she had felt their presence earlier/

Elwin: I did have to travel pretty far.. This forest is not close to my home at all. /not seeming to mind the amount she had to travel/ /though it likely took days/ /moves a few steps before settling in the green grass, leaving a noticeable patch of tiny mushrooms where she had previously stood/ /if one was wanting to look where she had came from to get her, they would find the same mushrooms/ /she does not hid her power or feel need to conceal it/ /however she does not use it to it's fullest extent, as things would most likely start to die around her/ /only a pinch of it it is needed for the mushrooms that are now there/ Ah, tea would be wonderful. /smiling at Silvia, one is sitting down/ But if you do not wish to trouble yourself, it is not necessary. /look up at the sky/ /up into the tree branches/ It's always so cloudy back home, one hardly sees the sunlight. My husband prefers it that way, he's the god of darkness after all. /her words implying that the god of darkness, and herself, live somewhere on land rather than inside of it/ /which is true/ /though such a place only has part of itself exposed to the world/ /her pleasant mood does not shift when she mentions not seeing the sun very often/ /this doesn't bother her/ /looks back at Silvia/ I hope you have had a pleasant time on this world.

Silvia: /I see, so she did travel a long way../ /watches Elwin sit down/ /noticing the mushrooms even more than she already had/ /is quick to stop herself from looking at them for too long though/ /she doesn't want to appear as if she is bothered by them/ /her smile still lasts, reflecting her contentment/ /Silvia personally doesn't feel a need to let her energy run free/ /especially when in a world that is not her own/ /perhaps, one day, she will change her ways/ /but, for now, the goddess uses her mana sparingly/ /she enjoys living as a mortal would, for the most part/ /simplicity is bliss, after all/ /even if there are some things her title does not let her escape.../ Of course, I would gladly make you some tea. It is no trouble at all. /I make tea for Makarioa a few times a day--/ /hm../ /now that I think about it.. I wonder how he is doing right now?/ /I hope things are going smoothly for him.../ /thinking about her lover, even if he has not been away for very long/ /looks back at Elwin, listening to her speak/ I see, that sounds quite interesting. /a place where the sun rarely shines.../ /it sounds like a place I know in Verhtale../ /one can come to take the sunlight for granted at times... most do not usually think about how much of a privilege it is to feel the warmth it possesses/ Indeed I have, thank you. /pauses for a moment/ Now, if you do not mind, I shall go boil some water for the tea. /will not leave until she receives an answer first/ /she will still be outside, but she will be busy and farther away/ /as well as in and out of the house frequently/

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