The mountainside had been quite beautiful. It was the perfect time of year when the leaves were changing color filling the canopy with vibrant reds and yellows. He had even stopped by a stream to grab a drink with his horse of the ice cold water from snowy runoffs further up the mountain. But as he rode Wednesday, that was what he had named his horse, nothing could have looked eerier. There was not a soul to be seen as he rode into the village but all the houses looked as if they had been recently occupied. Dismounting Wednesday, he walked over to the closest of the houses.

Knocking on the door as he announced, "Hello. Gideon Wynters here. Anyone home?" There came no answer from within but the door did swivel open ever so slightly. Both curious and concerned for the villagers, Gideon pushed the door open the rest of the way and took a step into the house. "Gideo Wynters, anyone home?" Still there was no answer. Walking further into the house he had found what he expected to find. A set table with food already served but with nobody to enjoy the meal. The whole scene sent shivers down his spine.

'Something is wrong here,' he thought to himself as he left the house. He walked to a couple of other houses but found much of the same thing. The only differences from one place to the next was at how far along they had gotten threw their meal. As a wanting adventurer he entertained the notion of not letting some of the food go to waste but his better sense told him it would be unwise. Whatever happened to these villagers could have something to do with the food.

Continuing his investigation of the village he ignored the rest of the houses expecting to find much of the same. Instead he checked some barns as he continued his ascent through the town. All the animals seemed to have gone missing much like the people. The strangeness just didn't seem to stop. It wasn't until he was approaching the general goods store that he got his first hint of life in the village.

From the peek of the village, being built into the side of the mountain, there came a chorus of disunified voices. Making the climb, he found a small church. He lacked recognition of the symbol that adorned the church which sort of alarmed him. He was a well traveled man and a mage besides. There hadn't ought to be a religious symbol that he couldn't recognize. Still it sounded like the entire village was contained in the church. Strange considering they seemed to have been all ready to eat not all the long ago.

Taking a deep breath, he pushed open the door. "Gideon Wynters. Sorry to...," he began before all of the people in the church stopped their weird chant and turned to face him in the most unified thing they had done probably all night. It wasn't how they acted that bothered him though so much as how they looked. All of them were gaunt and ghoulish. Their eyes were lifeless but all had a spark to them that lent to a bizarre glowing effect. Slowly drawing his wand, Gideon started backing up as he announced, "Sorry for interrupting you. I will just be leaving now." He stopped suddenly though when he noticed a woman tied to the altar and looking very much alive.

"On second hand," he said glibly as he brought his wand to bare. "I think I will stay for the party," were his last words as he channeled arcane energy through his wand which erupted in a wave of concussive force that took the mob by force, knocking them all on their asses and stunning them for a few moments. Dashing into the building, he ran up the center isle to the dais where he blasted the constraints that held the girl down. Looking into her eyes with his stormy grey ones, he asked, "Are you all right?"