In Great Britain during the 1700's one ritual on the eve of Valentines Day involved ladies sprinkling 5 bay leaves with rose water and pinning them to a pillow. One was in the center of the pillow and the others were in each corner. Eggs with salt and without the yolk were also consumed. They would when recite, " Good valentine, be kind to me; In dreams, let me my true love see." This would all result in them seeing their future husband in a dream.

Sleeping with sprigs of rosemary in a pillow on the night before Valentines Day would also let you dream of your future husband.

Another way to see your husband involved a chant in a graveyard at midnight on the eve of Valentines Day. The image of the husband was conjured up.

If you place a silver coin under your pillow on Valentines Eve your true love will propose to you by the end of the year.