Snowflakes falling on your face
A cold wind blows away the laughter from this treasured place
But in our memories it stays, this is where we say farewell
And the wind, it feels a little colder now

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Swiffer the Roomba

Cleaning, cooking, general housework, Swiffer, raspberry tea, sweets, the smell of bleach, classical music, the sense of accomplishment that comes with a job well done, leaving little treats for others.

Dust, disorganization, bugs, unexpected loud noises, people going out of their way to disrupt her work, potentially finding herself at the center of attention, finding dead bodies around the shop (and then having to clean them up).


A quiet and somewhat elusive creature, that seems to be found everywhere and nowhere all at once. If there's a mess to be cleaned within the shop, Parfait will usually be on the scene in minutes; never lost, ever unfazed by the shifting walls and rearranging corridors.

She speaks rarely, and easily goes unnoticed by those around her, even those familiar with her presence. She simply blends in to the background. But this doesn't particularly bother Parfait. She's quite content to observe the other denizens of the shop without involving herself too deeply.

To watch.


Though that's not to say she's unpleasant company when one does take notice. She rarely has much to say, but she's a sort that's easy to speak to, always polite and willing to lend an ear.

Soft words. Gentle gestures. Shy smiles, with nervous edges. And kind eyes that only rarely show what lies beneath.

When not furiously cleaning up after others, she can most likely be found in kitchens, preparing some manner of deliciousness; soon left where hungry or weary kits can find it when they need it (or more likely, when they weren't quite yet aware it was just what they needed).

A tiny robotic contraption- ...a roomba of some sort, perhaps? -constantly follows at the maid's heels, occasionally bleeping and booping out little tunes to lighten her mood.


Almond extract, pastry cream, lemons, lace and ribbons, piano keys, a full bottle of fabric softener, hot tea, sleeping pills, a splash of bleach, scraps of a bloodstained blouse, a handful of forget-me-not petals.

Cleaning, brewing tea, cooking (especially well known for her soup and pastries), mending clothes, playing the piano, getting blood out of vagarious fabrics and surfaces, being able to easily sleep in rather strange and uncomfortable places.

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Here time's run out like a spell, but laughter's our vow
This is where we saw it through
Thinking then, "this friendship, it was built to last"
Here we swore that we'd be true to bonds that were forged in our past
SNOWFLAKES - Persona 4 The Golden

...Hm? Do I remember?
Oh darling. Of course I remember.
...For better or worse, I always remember...