Here's a really quick rundown of what's been happening...

- Playing the stock market, invested all in .01 and legal MJ

- Learning to make games in program. Hoping to publish as apps, not putting much into the idea since others seem to lackadaisical to the idea when it involves helping. (Chicken and the Bread anyone...?)

- Expanding CAC more, albeit slowly... Capital is the issue here, hopefully I can solve that soon.

- Not much news on the Kaleo front, haven't kept in touch too well... Probably should take more time, but I get so busy... I SHOULD REALLY make time...

- DC learning reading, math

- Ashe improving credit to try and buy house rolleyes

- Danielle dating stable guy, I will help him make $$$

- Pop's movie enthusiasm seems to have plateaued, I might be the cause, but I'm taking it easy on non-capital or brand-building ventures at the moment.

- Signed up for Twitter (a bit late to the game, eh?)

- Illusions by. Richard Bach

- iPhone 5s

- Tesla doing well, I am still driving my good old '93 Explorer....jeez is it sh*tty on gas...

That's all for now, no quote this go around...unless...

"If you try 100 times and succeed once, all history will remember is the success. To continue succeeding you must always remember your failure." - Me 2014