Today I decided to sing in my college's open mic night smile WELL apparently opera is too shocking for most people to appreciate. I kinda did sing in Italian...I lost to two people who could play the guitar while singing, and a guy who did free style poetry about having sex with his girlfriend, and how he wonders why she doesn't love him. The irony is that I know this guy cheated on his girlfriend at least three times. I didn't want to call him out on his bullshit in front of 30 people. How nice am I? I got some standing ovations :/ ah well, I guess I need to learn how to play the guitar, and sing pop songs. It's been a night.
I'm currently listening to "Pirates of Skyrim" it's a mash up of the theme of Skyrim with Pirates of the Caribbean

A baritone’s aria fell onto her ears.
“Now Fairen, why are you trouncing around the deck? You aren’t trying to break in are you? I would have gladly invited you.”

In one breath she was able to understand why he had gone missing, his cloak was the color of shadows, and his eyes devoid of the warmth she had held dear. Fairen closed her hand around the frame of the door to anchor herself.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t think I would have accepted the invitation.”
“That is a bit disappointing, seeing as I always enjoy your company. Oh, my poor Fairen, it looks like you’re hurt. Please, do step inside.”
She felt the tug of the force around her, and she was gently lifted past the door into the room.