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Writing & Non-profits?
So I did set a type of goal for myself...if I'm not at least on my way to transitioning out of this hotel business by June, I might shoot myself.

So I recently started on that goal. I did reach out to Blair not too long ago and we were able to set a date to meet up. On Tuesday we're scheduled to meet, have coffee, and chat about how he got to where he is, how he likes it, and maybe some helpful tips for me and my life path.

Blair is an activist/huminatarian of sorts and is currently the regional director of College Summit. It almost seems as though life and the universe is bending to his will. He's happily married, has a great job, does traveling, and has fun while doing it. I need to know what his secret is and know what trials, tribulations, and hardships he had to endure to reach his point in life. Hearing his life story, I'm sure, will definitely be something worthwhile.

So I'll hit him up this weekend to see if Tuesday is still good. If I go home with Rob on Sunday, I'll just drive down on Tuesday. If I don't, I'll just stay home, meet with Blair, and then go back to PHL for work on Wed at 3pm.

Also, I'm about to send this email to Annette John-Hall, a journalist, writer, and program director for Mighty Writers Philadelphia, a non-profit here in the city that focuses on teaching young people the benefits of good writing skills and creativity. A guy who frequents the hotel came in the other night and talked to me for hours about news, Temple Sports, and everything. He was also a Temple Grad. After I told him that I wasn't really into News anymore and wanted to explore the non-profit world...he suggested MW and brought up Mrs. Hall's name. I was looking up her info and Derrick said that he knew her so I drafted an email and will send it in the morning.

I know I really wanted to explore the non-profit world for a while now, I just didn't know where to start. I think this will be a perfect re-introduction. I would love to just come on as admin help...but...I'm sure they have voluteers and interns that have been waiting for a while for their chance, so even if I can do a few hours a week as an intern to learn operations and administration in a non-profit environment I think that would be amaze balls. Although, if I am to intern (for free no less)...I'ma have to keep my two jobs...which will make me feel like I'm in college again...doing entirely too much. sweatdrop

I won't pass up an opportunity though. Even though that guy totally drained me, he was nice...and gave me a potentially valuable lead, for which I am very grateful.

Deep Creek also starts on Friday. We've been talking about it in the chat. I'm still on the fence about it. It's supposed to be 9-10 of us in that house and you know how I feel about doing trips with large groups of people. I mean, I went to PR with just 4 of us total. It's easier to keep up with everyone and so much less drama. I also want my new coat that I know I will not get now sad I'm broke, Rob's broke, and the trip is in two days. I mean, if Mr. Shaw would've given me my money, then maybeeeeee I could swing it, but he hasn't come through yet. I know he better not text me about no more reservations until he comes through though. That and I need to let him know that if he's paying for a hotel room in cash, they're going to need the whole stay room/tax/inc UP FRONT. You can't pay day by day...it don't work like that. Ugh...the stress. Next time I'll have to partner with a white person with money.

As far as Deep Creek goes, I know we'll be doing some shopping...and cooking....and activities...and whatever. I'm still broke. I might have to borrow some money from myself to not be broke...but it's whatevs.

But I think that's about it. I still really want to move back home, but if this MW thing works out I'll be here in Philadelphia.

And one last thing...I'm not so sure about Rob...still. The "emotional attachment" thing still kinda has me....eh. I mean, part of feels like nothing I do will make him feel any different. But also, part of me feels like if I was at his house cooking and cleaning everyday then it would make things different...and change the way he looks at me...and us. It's like...weird. I actually hate cooking and cleaning, but I would do it for him...happily...IF we were living together or even if his life was together...neither of which is true now. Being domestic for him, when I have my own life to live which includes two jobs, outings, and still searching for myself....would be rough. ESPECIALLY since I'm not even domestic FOR MYSELF. *sigh*. But that's neither here nor there -_-

That's all for now. It's snowing a lot. Everyone is shacked up here and at the Courtyard...I'm working...off tomorrow. Still need to get my haircut so I hope that Carlos is in tomorrow sometime, but since the meeting is cancelled...I'm in no rush to do anything. Rob may have the day off tomorrow...but his phone is off so I wouldn't know. I was also thinking about working for Rats on Wed, Thur, and Fri next week for her birthday. But that would mean 3 back-to-back doubles....which sounds absolutely crazy. I mean, doing a double, turn around to a double, turn around to a mid was hard enough so three doubles back to back seems insane. I might just do Wed (The day she needs off) and Fri (her actual birthday) if anything. I figure that I'd just be getting back from a trip so why not...but that's still crazy. Eh...I'll think about it. Other than that....I'm just chillin'.

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