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Muse Where I use a prompt generator and try to write something relatively short about it. (I'm not a writer so it's never gonna be quality.)

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A NicoNico Chapter: Introduction
Guns. Attack from a safe distance so the whole group won’t notice you. Not that it would matter anyway, I can easily fend them off. The target took the hit and managed to survive. Unexpected. Hack and Slash. Usually the enemy drops dead the moment the gun was aimed. Two more, a flamingo and a gnome, emerged from the lush, soft grass. With a sigh, I simply released Fire Rain to rid myself of such profitless work. Finally, a moment of peace.

I rested on the soft ground to regain my stamina. It was a regular day in Village Greens. Looking up as fluffs of clouds stroll on by, it was a wonder as to how anything could be life-threatening in this world. The monsters up north are more brutal. I remembered the mission that I was assigned to accomplish in the ruins. Which raises the question as to why I am here, poking fun with silly, garden decorations.

“Nico-senpai, are you alright?” I turned to the source of the voice; a young, blonde boy. Oh yeah, I remember now. I was lonely.

“Didn’t I tell you to quit it with that ‘senpai-senpai’ of yours?” I replied. Noticing that the recent fight was taking a toll on our bodies, I casted buff rings to protect us for a little longer.

“Onee-chan talks a lot about you. She always refers to you as senpai, even though you’ve told her to just call you Aneki.” The boy said.

I sighed. “She refused to call me anything short of respect and being called ‘senpai’ is really uncomfortable. I advise you to get used to it as well, or better yet, just call me Fei.”

I stood up and stretched. The enemies have started sprouting out of nowhere again. They ignored my presence, instead going straight for the boy whose name I recently learned as Rebellion. He’s a friend of my brother, who said we should get to know each other because he’s related to my friend, Evening Fairytale. I quickly annihilated the poor creatures that kept attacking him, so I could retain my moment of peace once again.

Rebellion kept quiet for a short while, understanding my need for silence. He sat on a rock across from where I was sitting, and tapped his foot to a gentle rhythm. By the look of concentration on his face, he seems to be planning what he wants to say.

“You and Rei… You guys aren’t from here, right? You were transported by that crystal…” his voice faded, but I understood what he was trying to say.

To Gaians, who have lived here before the Animated came to be, someone like Rei and I being brought to their world by the Null was more often than not, segregated from the others. Long ago, it was recorded that the coming of the Animated was also the same time when the strange crystal appeared in different areas throughout the land. Rumors spread that the reason strange things are happening is because of it’s existence. And since both of us were brought here by the Null, we were treated as if we’re one of 'them.'

Instead of giving him a straight answer, I absently studied the mysterious rings on my fingers. “Oh, first-name basis with my brother? I’m hurt, Evening.” I said, pouting playfully.

Rebellion crossed his arms and huffed. “I-It’s a guy thing. And Onee-chan said not to be rude.” he explained. It was amusing how childish he is. He differs so much from his sister; always against the rules. He has a very cocky attitude, yet here he is preaching his sister’s morals.

“To answer your question, it’s true. Rei and I are Earth dwellers.” I said, gaining back his interest.

“Rei tol-” I raised an eyebrow. “-Err, your brother told me you guys weren't blood related. I was kind of uncomfortable about asking him more about it because--”

“--Because it’s a guy thing?” I interrupted. He nodded. “That’s one of my reasons for wanting to meet the 'legendary' NicoNico sister I keep hearing about from my friend and even my sister. What’s your story?” Just like his sister, curious and always wants a tale to be told.

The Animated were starting to form again. Sooner or later they would notice us and the gentle wind that stirs the grass would soon become unnoticeable due to the sound of spells casted.

Rebellion took notice as well. “We should probably move somewhere else where it’s quiet.” And with that, he set off.

I sighed, getting back up. I haven’t even agreed to telling him yet. We trekked across the grassy plain, up north where you can touch the high walls of Barton.

“Do you really want to know the story that bad?” I shouted to him ahead. “We’ve walked half the length of Village Greens! I’ll tell you now, it’s complicated.” He simply continued to lead us to a safe haven, ignoring what I said. Cocky, little brat. I was about to speak again, when I heard his voice barely audible.

“Rei is really mysterious, isn’t he? He rarely says what he thinks, and I just want to know him better.” he muttered.

“...Are you in love with him or something?” I questioned. His cheeks turned red with embarrassment.

“No! That’s not what I was getting at!” he said defiantly.

I rolled my eyes and smiled. “Calm down. I was kidding.”

“It’s not just him. You’re mystifying too, now that I've met you. I don’t know how you and Fairytale ever got to be such good friends.” he said bluntly. I laughed. It was true.

“That’s a story for another time. To be honest, I really don’t know how myself.” I told him.

Finding a small, empty clearing towards the edge of the area, we rested on a patch of greenery underneath the trees’ canopy. Rebellion sat comfortably beside me, waiting for me to start. Looking up at the sky, already bleached with pale yellow and orange as the sun sets, I spoke absent-mindedly.

“Rei has always been mysterious. Just like you said. Back at our home, we were always together…”

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