The cotton candy fields were the worst things that you ever wanted to see, monsters, on a sugar high. Everywhere you look you can see a monster nibbling on some cotton candy and then attacking one another. The punnies just thought they were being friendly so they walked in like they knew the monsters here and Mark followed because if he loses one punnie, then he loses the crystal heart. What Mark forgot about is whenever he would step on a twig a bone chilling scream would come out, and guess what he did, stepped on a twig. All the monsters stopped what they were doing and stated charging at the punnies and Mark, not good, they were goners. They were goners until a shadow swooped in and saved the day
Author's Note
Just saying, these might be short for a while, I just bought tales of xillia so Im now addicted to my playstation again, but I'll keep trying to add a new part, again writers block, but anyway hope you guys keep on reading! ^_^