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A place where you can exchange Vivillons, Safari zones, trade and more!
A definite for Pokemon fans.

Hi everyone! Kytters here. Hello!

Sorry there, I like to give my greetings out there in the world.

Now then~ Down to the digital details.

Who out there plays pokemon? I do! I have All the gens now, except white or black. I originally skipped that gen entirely but recently I've purchased white 2 so I stop feeling like I cheated myself, or nintendo... one of the two.

Anyway I have largely been a part of Facebook groups for pokemon. Now some of them have migrated over here as well and I wanted to join the migration. Besides I have enjoyed gaia since I was in middle/high school so I enjoy coming back to it now and again. fond memories..

The image you can see above is a link to the guild that is having the group migrate over as well from facebook. Its a friendly group of people that help each other out and not out to scam others.

Its most famous for its Vivillon Exchange boards and is what the guild is named after. But don't be fooled! The guild isn't just for Vivillon trading. It also has a place for Safari Zone Exchanges, Pokebank Breeders, Hidden Ability Exchange, and a Battle room. You of course can do general trading as well.

Let me help by giving a tiny break down of these sub-groups.

Vivillon Exchange - This is where you can find and trade the many different Vivillon Patterns. Ever have that one color pattern you just can't seem to find off of the GTS without having to offer up your rare legionaries? Well this is the place for you! Trainers come and offer native patterns as well as spares to help those in need and themselves as well smile

Safari Zone Exchange - Located here is where you can list your Nintendo 3DS friend code as well as list your own, to find Zones you are looking for and help expand yours, plus you can always make great friends!

PokeBank Breeders - This is where trainers gather to breed all the Pokemon you won't be able to find in the Pokemon X/Y games without use of the Transporter and Pokebank, Pokebank Legionaries are up for trade as well but do notice that legionaries aren't breedable. So any Pokemon you can't find naturally on Pokemon X or Y. This is your place to come by and have a look and ask for a helping hand/trade.

Hidden Ability Exchange - Just like it says this is where you can offer and trade HA Pokemon for other HA Pokemon, or perhaps something else someone is interested in.

Battles - Self-explanatory, you've locked eyes on your fellow trainer, just coming out of the grass. There is only one option left, its time for a Pokemon battle! Here challenge your team and see how well you stand your might against other trainers.