I assume you being this far into my lame Gaia profile means you are interested in an RP. As a thanks for your interest, I am going to explain the things I'm looking for in a role play. This isn't some place where I tell you some arbitrary plots that I like. This is a place for you to get a feel for how I role play and if private messaging me would be a waste of both of our time.

The following are the styles I enjoy the most and feel the most comfortable role playing: Adventure, Action, Romance, Dystopia, Tragedy, Sick/Twisted, Fantasy(includes Science Fiction, Modern, ect.)
While these are the main genres I enjoy, a mixture of any number of these is the most enjoyable. While I do enjoy 'adult' RPs, I rarely find people willing to put this much effort in it. Still, do say so if you are interested in adding that sort of twist or even making it the main genre.

I have no preference for the time or year as far as the setting goes, though I do generally prefer some level of fantasy involved in it.

I love almost all characters. Cute, twisted, angry, energetic, innocent, crazy, cold, or whatever combination your characters may hold, I like it. My usual problem is their quality.
I like to think of an RP like a story. Although we cannot be as advanced and prepared as a proper piece of literature, a story still contains more than two detail characters. I expect my partner and myself to properly include multiple characters. It is okay if you/I relate to one character more than the other and it's okay if every character isn't as detailed as the last. Still, I expect even a quick side character, that may or may not only last 5-10 posts, to have some feeling and detail to it. I also expect that we each play more than a single main character, as to give our role play diversity and multiple angles of creativity.

Setting, Plot, & Set Up
Probably the most important part of the RP is the set up before we start. I would expect that we properly set up the setting that we will be role playing in, the rules behind it, the plot that will unfold, and the general idea behind our RP before we start. Along with basic 'ground rules,' this can greatly increase how well and smooth our RP will go.

Grammar Spelling & Scale
Throughout our RP we're likely to misspell a couple words, skip a couple commas, forget a letter, and generally screw up our words. It's okay, I promise. As long as you're generally consistent in your posts as far as basic spelling and grammar, I couldn't care to complain about a couple mistakes.
As for scale... Very basically use your proper judgement. It's okay if you have a short post here or there, it will happen, and sometimes (rarely) a short post can have the most impact. But, this is why I stress having multiple main characters. They are there to keep our RP dynamic, creative, and most importantly, interesting. Whether the character are separated, together, or even alone, go ahead and create more story with them. That being said, I do not care if one of your characters are alone at home drinking coffee. If they got their house broken into while they were there, then I care. Even if it's just a solo scene that adds a little bit of plot to play with later, or information to use, I'll love it.