I really should be sleeping. However, after talking several walks in the frigid temperatures, I managed to find some creativity? This is another section of what I might submit into my college's lit magazine. I'll probably spoil the concept later for you all haha.

Her hands clapped against the cold door as Fairen caught herself. Running was no longer an option, and her leg would eventually betray her should she decide to walk.
She swept away the side of her robe to reveal the lightsaber that would aide her in escaping. With a slight snap of her wrist, the metal met her hand, and she positioned it near the locking mechanism of the door. Right before she could activate her lightsaber, the door emitted a hiss, and it slowly opened. There would be only two words that could describe what she felt when she looked into the room, impassioned anguish.

Oh man. I love this!