5 - Ave Maria Caccini

With 521 in trouble, I focused my efforts on 272. Not only was I able to learn the new key codes to get into G-CORP (after any major event they upgrade the security), I was also able to learn about what people thought about 521. What humored me the most was that even being behind bars, with the evidence in her lap people still did not believe her to be the spy. I suppose that it is true that people believe what they want to believe. I received orders from Don Kuro that the mission would continue as planned and that the date and time were finally announced. It would be at 6:20 pm on March 5th. Delivering this intel would prove to be troublesome, but I knew the right person to go to. I decided to send some flowers to a special someone, and labtech 120 had no problem in showing them around to anyone and everyone he could find. Once they reached labtech 486 he conveniently shared this news with 521, and so the wheels were now in motion.

Thinking back to that period, my mind is still in smoke. If what I was doing was to destroy a person responsible for many atrocities, was I truly about to commit an atrocity in order to destroy this monster? Was I truly going to become a monster to destroy him? The only thought left in my head was that I have come this far, and wherever the line to ...to go back home was... I've passed that line along time ago. Anyone associated with me has to pay a debt with their lives, and I am afraid that you are next on that list, yes you the reader. You know my story, you know the actors involved, you too are involved, and there is nothing I can do to save you. Like there was nothing I could do to save my colleagues. I had to don't you see! I can still hear their screams, and I too, scream with them.


- Labtech 004