I have finally awoken, it seems like years since I've seen such change in this land. Well I guess it has been years. While checking my messages I was introduced to a woman who called herself a fairy. The land has not changed much. In Towns I was surprised to find what appeared to be a chapel. Finally people can marry! But my beloved is no longer around. Where she has gone, I will find out.

Screaming Daggers, best summed up by Lani Solfire, 'horrible'.

After finding my way to Barton I was met by a horrible sight. "What happened here!?" I yelled as it became clear Barton was a ghost town. Where my friends' houses once stood, was only empty lots. Only one house stood where many had once been. The home belonged to one iiRetro_Princess, but even her home was empty.

Will I ever find any clues to my friends, my beloved?