4 - Ghost

Act I scene 4

The scene opens with a very disgruntled labtech 272, and a dashing young spy (that's me.)

I previously talked to 272 and hinted to him about the newspapers to best stay in the loop. Call me old fashioned, but I still think that microdots are still a timeless form of espionage. For me, maintaining this relationship was important because after my "death" there would be no way of making sure there wouldn't be any problems. I guess you might say I grew attached to my life in G-CORP. I got to live a life of someone who had a dream, a goal, friends and people to talk to. How can I have that life now? No one to tell my secrets to, as the horrors of what I've done and been a part of could consume anyone who listens. They would no longer see me as a person, but the monster within. But I can't be that bad can I? All that I've done was to stop a mad man who was thought of as "untouchable," the most powerful man in Gaia. I knew where all the blind spots were in the storage room, and I even convinced Gambino that very same story that I told Labtech 272 later in my tenure at G-CORP. Early on in my Labtech career, before labtech 272 joined, when I was diligently doing everything I could to prove my worth in the corporation Gambino called me to promote my clearance level. It was at this moment that I asked Gambino how he felt about security, not just for G-CORP, but himself as well. I already knew he was well aware of the Kuro gang and used this as the perfect opportunity to set myself up. I convinced Gambino that I could act as a double agent pretending to work for the Kuro Gang for the sole purpose of tracking them down and connecting them to their crimes. (This of course was too an obvious lie.) He agreed.

Fast forward to my finale, where I was able to convince Gambino how "the syndicate was onto me and if I looked like I was out of the picture I could better investigate the Kuro gang." I had them all by my strings, but every so often I would feel a tingling sensation in my own arms. Now the curtain was finally drawing near, Labtech 521 would take care of removing any troublesome CCTV videos that weren't so gratifying, and all I had to do was go out with a bang. I set up the experiment to where it would make a dazzling light show and with no video evidence it was a walk in the park. But as my scene was drawing to a close a new one was manifesting itself. You see although Gambino and I had an agreement on faking my death, he could not tell his security team otherwise it might tip off the kuro gang that he was onto them. It was at this point when the security team caught Labtech 521 before she got rid of the evidence.


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