I have returned to the land of Gaia, much has changed since I've been gone. My friends are gone now, where they have gone, I may never know. Checking their houses was my first thought, but when I arrived in Towns, I was shocked to find that so many people have come and how large the place has gotten, 'Hey remember me?', I heard from behind me. Turning around I saw a blond man with a ninja headband from the dark days of Gaia. The ninja clan of old, they were destroyed, so how could he be here, and more, how could he know me?, I thought to myself ready to ask him myself, but before I got the chance a small white cat came from the shadows and began talking to the ninja.
Walking away to Hollywood I scolded myself for my stupidity. Of course the ninja wasn't talking to me, I am only a legend, a legend that is known by a select few.
In Hollywood I tried to reach the god of war Mars, who was in the form a green rabbit, and even found a giant bear, but the bear's owner was not happy with me being around and kicked me away. Behind a dark, black cab was a man gently stroking the tail of a catgirl, this struck me as odd, so I walked away in search of my friends. As I continued my search it become apparent that Hollywood had gone from a homey atmosphere to a place where the moans of young girls could be heard ever few seconds.
My first chance at finding my friends was spotted when a man by the name of Cahhfee began to speak to a lady of his missing friends. Could he and I be facing the same problems? Before I could question the man he froze, unable to speak for he had fallen curse to the mysterious afk that had appeared on Mars. I found the club I had visited with my friends when I first came to Gaia, and gracefully stated "SO WE HEAD INTO DA CLUB".
In the club I was alone, lost, and weak I fell back into my old habit of drinking root beer. One lone soul listened to my cries:
TBKROX: I came back here after a 3 years travel into the greater unknown.
raverwolf2: surprised
TBKROX: But now that I have returned I see now that my friends have left, and don't seem to be coming back.
raverwolf2: D:
raverwolf2: sads..:c
TBKROX: Gaia, even after the days I spent protecting you and rebuilding you, all you have given me is the loss of those close to me, you erased my profile, my journal, my work, everything I had worked for.
raverwolf2: D:
TBKROX: To give me a second chance to make a name for myself!?
raverwolf2: D:
raverwolf2: :,3
raverwolf2: *cries and squeals* you go find them! :,D
TBKROX: Thank you for listening to my story.
TBKROX: I will not forget your kindess.
raverwolf2: mine? c:
TBKROX: Yes, when the day comes you are ever in need of my help, all you will have to do is ask.
raverwolf2: awhh sir.. c: im so happy that you feel that way..
raverwolf2: but you dont have to do that for me.. c:
raverwolf2: hehe! biggrin yay!
raverwolf2: i know it will sir.. :3
raverwolf2: and i hope one day youll find your friends and rebuild gaia the way it once was!
raverwolf2: i hope you accomplish your quest.. c:
TBKROX: Thank you.
TBKROX: I wish you...
TBKROX: do not ever undergo what I have
raverwolf2: c: i wont! good luck sir!