Well, I feel like I never truly have time to dedicate to this. Hey, that is college I suppose! Important decisions I have during the day, 1. Do I take a nap when I have three hours free? 2. Should I do homework? Then there is always the last option of coming onto here. rolleyes I don't have much privacy since the person I am dating constantly wants to be at my side. A curse, and a blessing is the way I take it. I've never had someone "claim" me. Am I someone to be claimed? Hell no, and the battle has been to try and get this communicated properly with the person I am dating. Anyway. I'm flirting with another idea to write about. I know, I know, I just started something and now I'm doing something else. Story whore <3

Fairen’s robes nearly tripped her, and the sound of her boots hitting the reflective surface echoed throughout the hall. Her rendezvous time was nearing, and if she hoped to make it in time she would have to focus her energy on running faster. After flying forward to stop herself from tripping, she stepped just in time to pivot around a corner without falling. Quickly coming into view was the chrome door that she needed to go through in order to escape. Without even slowing her pace she used her knee, and all of her weight on the door thinking that the door would open more quickly. Her effort was not rewarded, and she recognized a sharp crack right before she felt the fiery pain that accompanied the noise. She promptly decided to rationalize the situation.

“These doors should have been unlocked if Master Eicard was able to get into the security suite. This must mean he didn’t make it.” Her thoughts became disorganized when she placed her weight onto the knee she had rammed into the door.

I'm not sure that I like this. I'll have to evaluate it later.