3 - Opium

Alexandre Desplat - The Angel

Labtech 521 was very intelligent, and very aware of it. She lured labtech 486 as an asset without him even realizing it. We might have even gone after each other had we not been properly introduced, but I suppose that is the nature of the business. I am not sure how she joined, we never really got to talk much until she conveniently got "moved" into storage. It appeared that she was well connected earlier than myself. As I began to talk to her I could see why the syndicate was attracted to her, she was so invested in her character and her craft that I believe that she could have even fooled herself once or twice. Whether she was truly in love with 486 I will never know. I wonder why she joined... it's a curious thing, thinking about a dead person. You seem to go back to those moments that you had with them, repeating them over and over in your head as if to experience them one more time. But I digress, she hatched a wonderful plan for me to disappear in order to avoid detection since my role was almost finished. The Von Helson family had all that they needed and I wondered if the syndicate would go after me once my part had been played, but there was still one last scene left to perform, my death.