The punnies were losing men one by one and there was one punnie that was kicking butt... well I guess you could say that... but anyway, Mark didn't know what to do because if uses his hammer, he'll smash the jappies and the punnies, same with jumping on them too. Without thinking, he ran up to a punnie and shook it awake. It worked! He continued to do it until the war was over.
"We won!" Yelled the punnies. A tiny old shriveled up Jappie came crawling up to them and as he did the elder walked in. They murmured to each other for a while and when they were done the jappie apologized.
"I am sorry for the trouble, I wont do it again" He said it so quietly that no one heard
"Works for me!" The elder was delighted that he apologized and dragged the jappie out of the room, only thing was no one noticed that it wasn't a jappie anymore.
"Thank you for helping us! As we promised we will show you the crystal heart!" The punnies swarmed mark and dragged him up to the top floor of the tree, where the crystal heart sat waiting for someone to pick it up, only problem when they got there, it wasn't there.