❊ General Info❊

❧ Name: Vieno

❧ Nickname:

❧ Gender: ♂

❧ Age: Unknown

❧ Marital Status: Loner

❧ Occupation: Snowy Chimera

❧ Sexuality: Unknown

❧ Temperament: Seemingly calm even towards people, more curious over them than wishing them harm. He is easily won over by sweets and pets, so he is more like a giant dog than anything.

❧ Ability: Nothing special, razor sharp claws, teeth, the obvious ability to see in the darkness and enhanced hearing.

❧ Interests: Sweets

❧ Art:

❋ Physical Traits ❋

❧ Zodiac: ♉

❧ Place of Birth: Snowy Mountains

❧ Race: Chimera

❧ Height: 7' from shoulder to ground

❧ Build: Bulky and fluffy

❧ Fur Color: Snow white

❧ Natural Eye Color: Orange/Yellow

❧ Extras:

❇ Bio ❇

Nothing is really known about this creature aside from the obvious. It was a large animal, walked on all fours and was mixed. The tail of a black dragon, the back legs of a strong white stallion and the front claws of what could be a large cat. Though it's face was something so different, large pointed ears poking out of thick white fur, solid black horns curving right behind them and almost a glow in the golden orange eyes. The beast didn't seem like one to attack people but people were always too terrified to come close, living as a loner in the mountains it had grown curious over who these people were and why did they come close but never closer. He was scary to look at but the temperament never matched the looked of the beast. Perhaps some day he would learn over what these furless beings were.