Not every part of my job is fun filled, I'm currently sat in a class room doing nothing but writing this one of my clients dose wood work and it's great for him but it's like watching paint dry for me.
When I get back to work I'm on my new team I'm worried but at least its my last day before my holiday. 4 nights finally alone with my Mr in a sea side town, a whole apartment to ourselves and long walks on the beach to keep us entertained.
Anxiety is a small word for a big problem I think because when you suffer from it, it can feel like the whole world is caving in on you I'm doing everything in my power to walk into work with a smile on my face, forget the haters and make witch ever client I'm supporting happy for 5 hours. People think 12 hour days would be draining but since the change in hours my days have flown by and I've really enjoyed having more time to spend with each client I work with.
Ending on a happier note, there's nothing better than seeing a non verbal client have a mad five minuets running around with a massive grin on his face laughing and giggling at everything and then having a little dance with you in the kitchen.