Once there was a park in the middle of a city. Most residents like to relax and enjoy the scenery on their days off. On one particular day, a boy and a girl meet by chance. When the boy first look at the girl, his face turn red and the girl smile. They play together in the park all day. Not once did they leave each other that day. They couldn't explain it but they knew that being together made them happy as if it were meant to be.

However, the end of the day came and their parents took them home. Their families live on the other side of the city and they weren't able to hang out again. So they would always wait anxiously for the weekend to see each other. For awhile it became almost routine for them to spend time in the park every Saturday. They were happy enough just see each other.

After a few years though, they started growing apart. Never being able to see each other outside the park, they had their own lives to live. Eventually, they realize they couldn't be together and they decided it would be best not to see each other again. No how much it hurt them to do it, they parted ways one last Saturday. They never left the city but went on to live their own lives. Both eventually found love with other people and they started a family with those new people. They were happy again with their new loves.

The boy, who was now an old man, got up one day. He lived by himself since his kids moved out and his wife had passed away and his days had gotten rather lonely. On this autumn day he just happen to go to the park. He was sitting at a bench near a fountain, when he notice he wasn't alone. He look over and notice an old lady sitting by herself at near by bench. She was staring at the ground and had not notice him. He walk over to her and sat next to her and started talking to her. She look at him and he look at her. For a moment they just stared into each other's eyes and they knew they had seen each other somewhere before. Before long they realize they were staring at their childhood love and they quickly embraced each other. They held each other, not saying a word, and tears filled their eyes. They knew who other was and were happy one final time in their lives.