Once there was this boy who was full of happiness and cheerful. He went to school and had plenty of friends. From kindergarden to the 5th grade, he had the same classmates and the same friends. He got along with most and was shy around the girls but could be able to talk to them. This was elementary school he was in and after 5th grade he moved to middle school for 6th grade.
Here he soon learned the truth. Everyone he ever known from elementary school soon turned on him. He would tried to say hello and be friendly to his old friends. however, they all ignore or made fun of him with their new friends. Eventually, the boy tried to make new ones but every time he open up it was always met with judgement or jokes. For the next few years he was bully and made fun of. He stop talking and retreated into his own head. This lead to physical torment with the bullies and he started cutting himself. The boy no longer care about having friends, all he wanted was people to leave him alone. So he wrote a short story about a killer murdering students at a school and shared it to the class. No one bother him again and he was left alone for the remainer of middle school, however, he was treated as the mental case and the teachers worried he might snap one day. They would treat him special and ask him questions about his home life. All he wanted was them to shut up and leave him alone.
Finally, he reached high school, just as soically awkard as ever and still cutting himself. One day one of his teachers notice the cuts on his arms and the next day he was called into the office. Wearing a coat to hide his cuts, he took a seat in the counselor. She simply smile at him and ask him if he was too hot, he could take his coat off. The boy declined, looking down. She then ask if everything was alright. The boy replied yes. In school? Yes. At home? Yes. Is that a cut on your arm? ... Can I go back to class I have history to learn? ... yes.
He return to class and was never asked again to see the conselor. After a few years, he did make some friends and he met a girl. Eventually the two started dating and he was starting to become happy but soon he found out it was all a lied. His friends tried to warned him that she was cheating on him. He refuse to believe them and even lashed out on them. Blinded by love they stayed together on and off for three years and eventually he realized the truth and they broke up. Crushed by the whole incident he went back to not talking to anyone execpt for the few friends that were left.
He started smoking and drinking after all that. He started drowning himself to forget the pain of the world. Eventually the girl came back and toy with him. Telling him that she still love him and they tried again. She had a boyfriend and cheated on him with the boy even when they were all hanging out. Eventually he found out she had four other boyfriends and it drove him crazy. He finally ended it between them and exposed her to the school the fraud she was. All her friends turn on her and she had to move to a different state. The boy then realized people, eveyone, were assholes and not to be trusted. He closed everyone out, including his family and friends. Not his brother, he trusted hiim but everyone else could not be allow in. He let his friends in from time to time but kept them at arms length. And this is how he has been for years even to this day. He execpts being alone and even feels comfort when left alone. Thats when he can be himself and is safe.