There once was a boy who had t to a content life. He went school, made A's and B's, had a supportive family, and had great friends. Once in a while he party a little to relieved stress. He lived his life day by day and nothing never seem to change. Of course one summer things did change. His grandfather become ill. Of course he had played crying wolf before and the family did not take him serious. Even to the point that his grandson didn't believe him.

Well soon the grandfather became worse and went to the hospital. There he was diagnose with cancer. Now the family care and all came to visit.

Well one day the boy woke up and went to his morning class. When it was over and came home for a quick lunch, there was no body home. He thought it strange but didn't paid it any mind. Once he was done eatting he recevied a phone call from his mom. "Hey mom," he answer to his mother. "We're at the hospital," she told him. "Oh I figure thats where-.." he was cut off by his mom. "They can't save him. You need to get your brother and come say goodbye," she instructed. "Yeah.. ok.," the boy said and hung up. He would have to wait for brother to get out of class so he cry but the crying turn to laughter soon.

They headed to the hospital as soon as his brother was back. There at the hospital, time seem to slow down, every step seem to leave an echo, and it seem that the boy was holding his breathe. When they reached the room where their grandfather was, they were greeted by other family members. Wait! This couldn't be their grandfather. It was a shell of a man lying in the bed, skin srunk down to the bones, a pained expression on his face, and... the gasping... oh the gasping of air.

The boy stood there emotionless. Trying to be strong for his younger brother. No tears or sadness in his voice. In fact he barely spoke to hide it. The two borthers then hug him and said their goodbyes... just as he flatlined. The room became silent as if time itself had stop moving. The grandfather no longer move and the gasping died down. The brothers soon left, the boy not giving anyone eye contact, trying to hold it all in. Still had to be strong for his younger brother, even in the car.

Later that night, the family had gather at the grandparent's house, making plans and arrangements. The grandmother who was in the late stages of alzheimer, was throwing fits and asking where her husband was. The mother ask the boy to calm her down. He walked over to her and told her, "He's out bowling with his friends." And with that tears started running down his face.