Jessica's POV

"Who-a did this?! I'll kill the b*****d!" Romano pressed me into talking.
"Baby sister, please tell us! We was to protect you." Italy asked, my brothers both were questioning me about the war that got me so beat up.
"Forget it. This is a war between me and the other guy. You don't need to get involved." I insisted.
My body had been wrapped by my brothers, them being the only ones who could see my body naked.
"No! They-a hurt you, now they have to beat us!" Romano shouted.
"Baby sister, pleeeeaaase?" Italy begged.
"Monte, this person has no right, let us know who so we can teach them a lesson!" England finally spoke up, thick eyebrows furrowed.
"We?! Listen-a here! You've been chasing us for-a decades now! Why would you want to help our sister?!" Romano went off.
"Hord on. If Mr. Engrand wanted to hurt Monte, he would have done it when he found her, right?" Japan asked, patting my head with a damp rag.
"W-Whose side are you-a on!?" Romano questioned Japan.
"I fancy Monte alright!? There I said it!" England admitted with a shout. But after realizing, he crossed his arms over his chest. He looked away from all of us while we looked at him in silence, my face rushing with red.
"Aww~ Baby sister, you look-a redder than tomato sauce!" Italy playfully pointed out, leaning forward and rubbing his cheek against mine lie a cat.
"You chase us for decades and now-a you tell us you have a thing for our sister!?"
Romano shouted.
"It's not like I planned on liking her! Liking someone just happens! She's...She's a wonderful girl..." He admitted, hugging himself. "She is full of grace and beauty... It's hard not to like her, even when we only knew each other a few days..."