"WHO DARES ENTER OUR HIVE AND TRY TO DESTROY??!!!" the voice boomed, all the punnies swarmed Mark again and they all tried to hide behind him, all except one.
"We have come and tried to destroy your hive! This is our home and we want to keep it!"
"Why didn't you say so?" All the punnies relaxed for a moment "SINCE YOU WANT THIS HOME WE DO TOO! ATTACK!!!!!!" War broke out again and this time Mark was thinking of slipping away in the confusion, but a giant hand was preventing him from doing so.
"WHERE DO YOU THINK YOUR GOING PUNNIE LEADER!!!??" Mark was in trouble now, but from years of rescuing the princess he knew that if a fight called, then fight he shall do. Mark turned around and bonked him on the head with his hammer. The jappie leader let out a yelp and fight raged on until Mark was victorious, the punnies however was a different story.