Here's a short list of some of the stuff I'm interested in if you want to RP with me, but don't have any ideas. If I don't specifically list a scenario, just anything from that will work.

As far as what goes in the RP, I'm legitimately open to anything. Just PM me.

Fan Works:

Doctor Who: I'm really addicted to all the stuff since the Ninth Doctor. I haven't seen all of season 7, but I saw the movie and the finale with Matt Smith... so if you want to be my companion, let me know.

Alice in Wonderland: God I love me some Lewis Carroll. Wonderland and Looking Glass were amazing and I wouldn't mind doing something set in either universe, though I will admit... if you haven't read the actual books, this might not be for you. I'm a stickler for details in this one.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms: I know I'll never get any interest in this one, but I'm putting it up anyway. I love Three Kingdoms and the idea of doing an RP set in that time period would be delightful to me. We could work as established characters or original, either works for me.

Fallout 3 / New Vegas: Fell in love with these games, so I'd be interested in something set in this world. I feel like romance in the wasteland would be really...different. Are Vault Dwellers? Couriers? Bandits? Simple townspeople? Or even... ergh... Ghouls? PM me and let's figure it out.

Mass Effect: I'm Dae Ohn and this is my favorite RP on Gaia. Not really, but I do love the idea. I'm open to male or female Shepherd and could alter my role accordingly. I would absolutely love to do a romance with Tali or Jack, but if you want to wear the N7 pants, I wouldn't disagree to doing calibrations instead.

Naruto / Shippuden: I feel like this got overdone over the years, but then again... I wasn't part of any of it. I think I'd prefer OC's in this, but if you want to RP specific people, I'm all for it.

Pokemon: Just started finished playing X. I mean that seriously. It's my FIRST Pokemon. I love the world and wouldn't mind exploring it with an RP partner. Trainer and Pokemon? Two Trainers? Two Pokemon? Sky's the limit.

Disgaea: Someone brought up Disgaea. I love that world, but my knowledge comes from a playthrough of the first game and the anime. So... I'm not terribly versed in it. But I'm certainly interested.

More to be added: I really, really mean this: suggest something. Anime. Video games. Books. Television. I'm up for just about anything, so please don't hesitate to suggest something.

Original Works:

Gosh, I'm not even sure where to start here, but I'll throw out a couple scenarios that have intrigued me over the past few months. These are like... last ditch options. Good stuff, but I don't have a lot of detail or thought put into them.

Landlord/Landlady and Tenant I just started one like this and I'm really liking it. I wouldn't mind exploring other ways this could play out.

Medieval School So... think Harry Potter meets Lord of the Rings. Again, I'm doing this a couple ways, but I love seeing what other people do with it.

Arranged Marriage This idea just got put out there. Either being a part of it, or trying to stop it.

Various Family situated RP's exploring the family dynamic. Eh... it's a classic, right?

Of course anything you come up with is cool, too. I'm just trying to throw out anything that comes to mind. I'll likely update this list as things pop up, but please don't feel like this is a strict list. It's more of a suggestion list if you have no other ideas.