So you might think working with adults with challenging behaviours would be the hard part of my job, well it isn't I love most of my clients and my job in itself is very rewarding but the problem is the other staff.
I wish I knew what was so wrong with me for them to think its ok to talk down to some one treat them differently and so make them feel so small. I rite this in hope that some one might read it a find that if this is happening to them there not alone this isn't my first job I've felt an out cast in and it wont be my last.
On a cheerier note the work couldn't make me happier a lot of our clients are none verbal and that's when you need to learn different ways of communicating with them so that you can help them the best way they need PCC (person centred care).
Last night I was putting one of the clients to bed (one of my favourites) usually when helping get into his bed clothes he bangs the walls and can cause himself injuries, that day was so different he giggled through the entire experience and when I lifted the cover to straighten it up he laughed this went on for a further 5 minutes because every time I asked if he wanted me to do it again he would answer ''yes'' by the end i needed to stop because my sides hurt from laughing. That day I had cried, over what doesn't matter, what matters is that moment with my client makes all the abuse i get worth it. A smile, laugh, hug or even a dance makes it all worth while,