Since the beginning of time there have been two worlds, the known human world Avalon, and the Nether World. Avalon, is the planet from which all life originated. In some areas grassy planes stretched for miles, where in others, all you could see was mountain range. A truly beautiful world suitable for any and all life: deep blue lakes scattered across the country side, and pure green forests crawled over the hills. Humans have always inhabited Avalon, for as long as anyone could remember. Wonderful castles and kingdoms exist in Avalon. Take Frivolce for example, a kingdom built in the center of Avalon. The noble family of Frivolce has existed for hundreds of years. It's a quiet kingdom with a majestic marble castle. Statues of past kings are scattered across the castles' courtyard. Other kingdoms much like Frivolce span across Avalon, and among them all are peaceful villages, small and content with the way they're living.

The Nether World is quite another story. The sky is red and scattered with black wispy clouds. Lightning storms frequent the realm, and the vast landscape is mostly barren. Destruction reigns across most of the world. Trees here are scarce and often long dead and gray. The animal life here is horrendous and frightening. There are many beasts and creatures to fear who inhabit the Nether World, these beasts are labeled as demons. Planes of fire and scorching desserts are all too common here. No cities stand in the Nether World, the demons' hateful and destructive nature prohibits any such progress. Regardless, the materials to construct any such city are not available. The Nether world is a place for the damned, nothing there prospers and nothing there truly lives.

Being that demons are not human, nor a simple animal, the demons that inhabit the Nether World vary more than the mind could imagine. Most are humanoid in that they have the same basic figure and shape of a human, but each is equipped with its own unique characteristics. Some demons have wings, where others have tails. There are demons who behave like rabid animals, but also those who are sophisticated and have a much more human likeness. Being that they are more than human, demons tend to live much longer, some are said to live for hundreds maybe even thousands of years. Demons lived in the Nether World completely oblivious to Avalon's existence, paying no mind to the human world that they were unknowingly connected to. They lived and died without any human contact. However, one thousand years ago, a demon named Clevix broke the seal between the two worlds, allowing demons and humans to cross between them.

Hell broke loose as demons went rampant across the countryside. Cities and towns were destroyed. Countless human lives lost. Clevix was at the center of this destruction. He led the entire Nether World as their king, until one day, he was challenged. A mysterious white demon flew through the newly formed army as if it hadn't even existed. The mysterious demon fought with a brilliance unmatched by anyone. Finally, the time had come for Clevix to stop this nuisance from destroying the kingdom he'd dreamed of so dearly. The fight lasted two days. Neither opponent slept, only a constant flurry of blows and counter attacks were thrown. All eyes watched as Clevix and the mighty hero fought. The landscape was obliterated time and time again from these two great forces. Innocent lives were lost, but for the greater good. It didn't matter if a city or two was caught in the crossfire if the ultimate goal of the mysterious hero was to save millions. Mountains turned to rubble and oceans surged. The fight between the superpowers was one for the ages. The sky was their limit, and as they fought, even the heavens must've shook. Not a soul dared to interrupt the powerful clash. Nearing dusk in the second day of battle, the hero emitted a final blast of energy. Clevix was sealed in a skin of light that wrapped all around him. He was banned to the Nether World to an eternal slumber. The skin kept him sealed there, where he would never wreak havoc upon Avalon again.

Each world is codependent on the other, without one the other could not exist. This codependency meant that one could not simply destroy the Nether World without destroying Avalon as well. The human world was saved but not safe. Most of the surviving demons were eradicated, but there were some demons that hid and remained in Avalon. Few dared to even touch a human after what became of Clevix, for if he was the strongest of them all and defeated, what chance did they stand? The fear of being ripped to pieces by the white demon was too great, but the heroic demon could not watch the entire world. His protective reign only lasted a few hundred years before demons gained the confidence to do as they pleased once again. Demons live among Avalon even now, hiding in a cloak or perched in a tree. They watch and wait for their opportunity to strike. For most demons, the taste of human flesh is most inviting. To feast upon a human is their utmost desire.

But not all demons are savages and killers. There are some who are too small to do any harm. Imps for example are much appreciated by most humans and are used as a type of messenger. With their small agile bodies and wings, they work exceptionally for delivering a letter. And so, demons are left to coexist with humans in Avalon. A few demon kingdoms were even raised with territorial lines drawn. If a human is to enter these kingdoms, he is fair game. These are the terms humans live by today. They live in fear of their town or city being destroyed and their families slaughtered.

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