Year Chart for Avalon

Here I have laid out the length of days months and years within my world of Avalon. The names of the months are mostly Celtic inspired, though names in the book are generally pronounced using the Japanese pronunciation of vowels and what-not.

30 hours of Daylight
10 hours of Night
40 hours in a Day

7 Days a Week
≈57 Weeks in a Year

400 days in a Year
10 Months in a Year
40 Days in each Month
(Winter) Month 1: Uisce
(Spring) Month 2: Gaoithe
(Spring) Month 3: Domhan
(Spring) Month 4: Dóiteáin
(Summer) Month 5: Spiorad
(Summer) Month 6: Cogadh
(Summer) Month 7: Liom
(Fall) Month 8: SÍochána
(Fall) Month 9: Grá
(Winter) Month 10: Oighear