Time for another screenshot, because I don't feel like responding directly, again.
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1. Reverse psychology thread; don't care.
2. Rationalizing an insult to make yourself seem "unselfish", nice; go ******** yourself.
3. I don't care.
4. I don't care; all religions fail to address creationism properly, yet only attempt to justify creationism so long as their own manipulative, ******** creator(s) is(are) classified as the best one(s).
5. It's irrational to disregard people's emotions at all.
6. I don't care.
7. Decent topic; don't feel like talking, though.
8. Troll's topic; never actually responds; everything is downplayed and up-played in regards to everything. I don't care.
9. Conservatives are s**t; I don't really care about topic starter, either.
10. I don't care.
11. I don't care.
12. See #4.
13. No.
14. Already responded, maybe; bumped from 1.5 years ago, I hate multi-person bathrooms; don't care what the sign says. Single-toilet restrooms with a lock on the door should not be specifically labeled, especially port-a-potties/Rent-A-Johns/whatever you call them, because they're all the same.
15. Indeed it is, that's why I'm not responding.
16. Thread solved; no need.
17. Every time I'm in this forum; sound good?
18. Already responded half-seriously.