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Home to work. Work and back. That was the life of Annabeth Tuxx. A woman of 26, and still very much single. She had never had the best of luck with men. Most people say she is a complete jinx when it came to dating. Even in high school she was the little book worm that no guy would date her. They didn't want a woman with brains all they had in their minds was SEX. SEX. SEX! God did she need it! Of course she wasn't just going to give it up. Yes, 26, single, and still a damn virgin. Life was grand! *Sarcastic here!*

Now she works as a secretary to a corporation very well known. She was surprised she was hired in the first place. She didn't have pretty clothes, and she was sure that either one of the blonde bimbos was going to get the job. She left the interview feeling dejected. However, just as she arrived at her little apartment she heard the phone ring. At first she thought it was her mother probably calling to rub it in that she didn't get hired. AGAIN, but then it went to messages. It was the corporation calling back. Anna froze and stared at the phone shocked. Then the words, "Congratulations Ms. Tuxx! You got the job! So first chance you get please call back---" His words were cut off as Anna grabbed the phone, "W-Wait! I'm here!" Anna was so over thrilled that she finally got a job! Top secretary for the top dog himself!

After a year working with them she finally was able to get everything she needed to survive in life. New fashionable clothes, a cell phone, laptop, and the most important thing a human being needs. FOOD! She came from a very average family, and it was hard enough to make ends meet. Her family was her parent's, and 9 [that's including her] brother's and sister's. It was insane! Now she was living the life that she wanted. Except there was only one thing missing. A man in her life.

She groaned at her desk, and slammed her phone on the desk hard. Luckily for her it didn't brake, "Jerk!" She spat annoyed. "Let me guess. Got stood up again," Lucy one of the other secretaries lean against her cubicle. Annabeth glared at her, "Shut up! Why is it I'm the only one here with such bad luck! I hate it!" She groaned feeling the worst. "I'm dressed to impressed, a have a lovely personality, brains--" Then she got interrupted. "EH! That's the problem dear~ Men hate woman with a brain," Lucy replied. "It's high school all over again! Is there no man in this whole wide world for me?!" Lucy just patted her head, and then gave her the heads up as she saw the CEO of their company walk in. Everyone immediately got in their place, and welcomed the CEO.

Annabeth turned on her switch as the CEO secretary and sat proper showing her respect. "Good morning sir. Your usual{breakfast} is on your desk, and I placed a few files that need approving sir." She spoke to him with a kind respectful voice. Anna was so happy to work for the CEO, and many of the ladies she worked with weren't to thrilled when they found Anna was given the CEO secretary job. They were green with envy, but she pushed it all aside. She loved her job, and she'd stay until she wasn't needed anymore. Hopefully, it would be many years from now, or better yet until retirement at 60. Yes, that would be the life. All she needed was a man. That's easier said then done.

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