Mark accepted the task and all the punnies swarmed him saying he was their hero. After being swarmed for a few minutes the elder shouted again.
"QUIET!!!!!!! now I know that you all are all excited that our home will become ours again but we still need to think of a plan to do so... I know we charge right in!" Immediately everyone stopped and looked at the elder like it was crazy which it was. Everyone then swarmed Mark again and the elder shooed them out. Now all he had to do was help the punnies and he can ask about the crystal heart (Which btw is the treasure) Walking around a bit he didn't find anything but large vases and screams coming from nowhere. Honestly Mark thought that was weird but he continued to walk because now he knew that the weird screams were coming from here. After walking forever he heard a faint buzzing sound coming from the nearby door, slowly he walked in and sitting there was a bunch of funny looking bugs that looked like they were trying to protect something.
"JAPPIES!!!!!!! EVERYONE ATTACK!!!!!!!" instantly all the punnies started attacking the Jappies and Mark just sat there watching as the punnies fight. This was gong to be a long day he thought.
Author's Note
I'm still going through writers block!!!>.< I seriously don't know what to write in the next part.... Oh yea Lark was never seen since the beginning huh! Oh well I'm still stuck lol good luck wit yo life peoplez XD!!