Once there was a boy and a girl who were deeply in love. They spent most of their waking time together whenever they could. They were both happy together, the boy in particular, was fond of this happiness and wanted to be with her for forever. However, the world they live in was not perfect and soon he would know why.

Eventually, the two of them stop talking for a while. The boy's life had become busy and chaotic and he had trouble making time for anyone. He eventually made time with the girl and it was like they were never away. Everything was nice and happy until the girl said, "There's some one else who likes me."

The boy look upon the girl with shock and fear. "..and how do you feel about him?" he asked. "I dont know," the girl replied. "What about us?" the boy asked with worried riddle in his voice. "I dont want to break up with you and I dont want to break up with him... Maybe we all be together happily?" she suggested with a smile on her face.

Crushed and heartbroken, the boy immediately hid his pain from her. She could no longer be trusted and wanted nothing more than to put some distance between them. "Yeah... maybe..." He said with a fake smile on his face. I...I have to got now..." his vioce tremble saying those words, knowing well he wasn't going to see her again. He head straight for his car and the girl was confuse by this sudden behavior. "Well..Hey! I love you!" She shouted with a smile. The boy and slowly turn to face her. Tears were now going down his cheeks and he simply said, "No you dont." and he got in car and sped away.

The boy raced down the street, increasing his speed with every second. The tears were pouring down his face now. He had never been so betrayed and heartbroken before. "How could she do this? After everything we have been through!" he thought to himself. Eventually he was pushing the car to its limits. "If she wants to be that stupid...FINE!" he shouted and drove the car as fast as he could. The road was coming to an end but he was not slowing at ll. He drove as fast as could off the road! He closed his eyes and said his goodbyes to the world in his head.

When the car crashed, the boys body was crushed s much as his heart had been.... and he did not survive. And this is how hate and sorrow exist in our world.