There once was a monster, He was mean and hated people. Every time someone try to approach him, he would yell and shout till they went away. He never harm anyone he just wanted to be left alone. The world didn't like him and he didn't like the world.

There once was a girl, who was sweet and kind. No one really paid her any attention and people that did hated her. However, she sisn't let this ruin her mood. She did have some friends, whom she loved and cared for. If you were to befriend her, you would have a friend for life.

One day the girl came across the monster and saw he was all alone. She felt bad for him and went to see if they could be friends. When she went to say hello, he yelled at her to leave him alone. "Why do you want to be alone?" she asked. "Because I am a big scary monster and people should leave me alone." he snapped at her. "You dont seem so bad. If ya want we can be friends?" She asked with a smile on her face.

The monster stared in shock at her for a moment. Friends? He never had a firnd before. His mind race with questions. Why does she want to be friends? What is really after? She's lying and is tricking you! But what if its not? What if she is being serious?

The monster didn't know what to do so he did the only thing he did know. He yelled again and scream at her, even calling her names, to get her to leave him. However, she didn't leave but instead was hurt and started crying. Again the monster looked upon her, his anger had ceased.

"Why are you crying and not running?" he asked her. "Because you are being mean to me like most people and I haven't done anything but wanted to be friends with you. she replied with tears running down her face. The monster didn't know what to do again but this time he wasn't angry or confused. Instead he was sad and a tear ran down his cheek. He had done something he never wanted to do and to someone who didn't deserve it. He had finally hurt someone. He realize that there is emotional pain too.

He thought back to others that had approach him before and realizing maybe they weren't all trying to hurt him. "I'm sorry." he said hanging his head. "We can be friends if you like?" He said looking back u at her. The girls dried her tears and smile again. "Yay!" she said with such glee. She got him a hug and the monster was yet again surprised. He never had a hug before but gently hugged her back. He smile for the first time in his life.