Man I haven't made a journal in ages, let alone a useful one.

gaia_angelright Invite new users with a positive attitude both from the inviter and the invitee.

gaia_nitemareright Set up a "Fair Market" price system, not to bully people into following, but to accept of their own conscience.
Possibilities include: Always selling gold shop items for less than the original price, setting up individual price guides (1 nice background, $x maximum, background set with 4 pieces is then $4x max), some sort of general maximum limit for super rares ($20 mil? Less? More?).

gaia_angelright Create new event threads or guilds that welcome everyone in without being too complex. User events could even run alongside major holiday events. Don't want to fight, you want to show off Halloween costumes for prizes, like a Halloween dance - do itttt. A big meetup in the spooky part of zOMG that day? Do itttt.

gaia_nitemareright Be positive, that's the most important thing. Be the change you wish to see.

gaia_angelright Offer help if applicable - Forum Assistant, mini contests, hard work in Stein's contests to build new items, welcome the newbies, etc etc etc etc.
(Speaking of that, off to welcome people now...)

gaia_nitemareright Artists who want to just contribute free items, offer work on the manga if they could... That'd be something...