ok, i seriously need to start doing entries x3 i need to also fix the "this is gonna be about" thing. x3 i guess i'll use this as a kind of dream journal. so that i can analyze them better to see why i had had that dream, and maybe if anyone reads it they can maybe help me understand the meaning of it in some way, shape, or form. also i will be pasting something in here so that i can know the name of the place because i often forget things. OnO _ wholesale-dress net _ ok now thats out of the way, lets do this. first dream that i can remember that was recent and i fount interesting.


I was in my school. its a rather kinda slightly big-ish place that has about 5 separate buildings we have to walk to for things. So. I was walking beside the main building, looked, and the ENTIRE place was different, but i knew it was my school. i walked to the main entrance place and went in, no one was in there. i wondered why.. i heard footsteps and i ducked down under a window and i snuck back out of the building through the entrance. there was stairs there and i vaulted over the railing. and started running. it was a lil way. like 2 semi truck trailers back to back. and i reach the end of the building, i turned the corner and kept running, i seen one of my instructors and i jumped really really high into the air and i was like "wow!!..." i landed, and my instructor didn't notice. a person who i didn't know a whole lot before (but i am now friends with) looked at me, and i jumped again, and i landed on top of a box truck that was parked against the building. he looked ae me still, and then i jumped again. i got REALLY high this time and it turned 3rd person. i reached a window. for some reason the school on the very top had became an apartment complex... i touched the window sill, and it shot me up higher, did it again to another one, and i got higher. i kept on doing it till i got to the last window which had a balcony that i grabbed on to. it turned into anime. i climbed up over the railing of the balcony and i walked into the room. and, un knowingly, there was a girl in there who was still in bed, and was only in her underwear ono. her face turned RED and she covered up with her blanket, and i kinda quickly walked out of there saying "SORRY ABOUT THAT! as i left, the view stayed in the room and a lot of old men some how appeared on the balcony and was looking in from the side of the entrance. and that was it. it ended. very wierd.... i have had a 2nd dream not too long ago where i was in school again but there was a COMPLETELY different school again. the bathrooms were unisex, had t.v.s that had something to do with gamecubes, and i had a square key thingy. and there was a new class about destroying things and my schedule was different and yea.. i'll actually go through it later on though, in a new entry x3 any ideas what all this means? ( due to the fact that the guy i barely knew was in it and he is now my friend, i think thats one thing it was trying to say or something x3 which i didnt know till i started this.. )