Mark took the train to Boogle woods and as it slowed down he noticed something odd about it, it was sending out a strange aura that he didn't know what it was. Ignoring it he got of the train and took his first step into Boogle woods. Cautiously looking around not to long from entering he heard a scream come in a random direction but he didn't know where because the scream sounded like it came from all directions. Even more cautious than before he continued walking while a chill continued to run down his spine. Once in while he heard a snap and then the same scream. Funny thing is that Boogle woods were never this scary. He continued to walk now with fear surrounding him, walking like this for a few minutes he came across a huge tree, it was ten times the size as him and he walked in anyway. The first thing that happened when he walked in was he was swarmed by an army of tiny squishy bugs and he was lifted off his feet and carried away into the biggest room. An old looking bug sat in the back of the room and started mumbling to itself.
"Elder! We brought an intruder!"
"OFF WITH ITS HEAD!!!!!!!Whatever it is..."
"Yes elder!" Immediately they scrambled to pick Mark up again but before they could leave the room the elder stopped them.
"WAIT!!!!!!!! If he is of use we do not need him beheaded..." All the bugs faces looks the same, they all looked shocked, pure shocked. They all started quietly whispering to each other until the elder yelled again
"QUIET!!!!!!!" Silence filled the room "You see stranger we are fighting a war with the Jappies, but we are low on men, the jappies you see are trying to take over our tree and if you can either train the punnies here or kick the jappies out then you can leave alive." The elder looked out of breath while saying that. So these things here are called punnies... Mark decided to help and was thinking of a plan to kick out all the jappies only because he wanted his head...