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Ryugi's Journal
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Ryugi's Profile
For simple reference, I've reposted my profile for Ryugi here. Easier than navigating to Levistad for it every time.

((Sections in RED are IC Database information))

Name: Ryugi Kazamaru
Age: -Appears 20, real age unknown-
Race: Dragon (Human Form)
Weapons: Magical greatsword "Ragnarok" and the arcane broadsword called Sol Blade.
Abilities: "Flame - Light/Holy Elemental" / Weapon Skills
Bio: –Unknown-

Appearance: ---------------------------->

User Image

Physical Description:

Body (Human Form) - Ryugi's body is built slightly different than that of a normal human, as he is a dragon in a human shape. His muscle is generally more stringy and stretchy than the tissue of a human being, which allows for faster movement, and more powerful punches and physical attacks. In short, Ryugi's fortitude, reflexes, and willpower are all incredibly high. Ryugi's bones are nearly twice as dense as human bone, giving his skeleton and body much more durability, but adding significantly more weight to him. Due to this excess weight, Ryugi's maximum movement speed does not surpass that of your average human even with his high strength stat. Olympic runners can and will run faster than him. A light load for him is anything up to 1,300 pounds. His Medium load is up to 2,700 pounds. Due to his strength and durability, this kind of load doesn't hinder Ryugi. His maximum carrying capacity is 4,100 pounds. He can lift up to his maximum load over his head. Boosts of his physical strength can raise his maximum lifting capacity to exactly 6,000 pounds, or three tona. Any further boosts do not improve upon this limit, and instead, only allow him to move that amount of weight with greater ease. In effect, Ryugi's body is built to take hits, not be incredibly nimble.

Like all dragons, Ryugi has some level of passive damage reduction against any damage that is not magical in nature. His body is simply tied to his element, and the rekindling nature of fire and light serve to dampen the most basic physical blows, up to and including bladed strikes by weapons. His natural toughness, combined with this ability, makes him incredibly durable. Of course, swords still hurt, and punches still bruise, but their effectiveness is reduced. Magical weapons and attacks instantly overcome this small barrier to injury, and deal otherwise normal damage. His body is also immune to magically induced sleep effects and paralysis.

Ryugi is immune to most magical sources of fire and flames. Only the truly extraordinary of temperatures can phase him. However, in truth, Ryugi is simply extremely resistant to burns and heat, but can still be burned. In simple terms, Ryugi can take a temperature of 1500 degrees Fahrenheit for approximately 4 seconds before his exposed skin will begin to burn. However, for periods of approximately no more than one second, Ryugi can take temperatures of 3000 degrees Fahrenheit without bodily harm, two seconds is 2500 degrees Fahrenheit, 3 seconds is 1750 degrees Fahrenheit. After that time, Ryugi's body will begin to burn as normal following his 1000 degree resistance at 4 seconds. Ryugi is unaffected by temperatures at or below 1400 degrees while alive as the fire energy within him regenerates and rekindles his resistance. In addition Ryugi's body, being that of a transformed golden dragon, has become accustomed to the fiery nature of his species element of choice. Over millennia, the cells that make up his species' bodies have grown tolerant of these extreme temperatures. Combined with the rekindling effects of his elemental powers, Ryugi is no stranger to truly extreme temperatures.

Ryugi's resistance to cold, however, is fairly similar to that of a human being wearing a sweater. However, since he can heat himself by expending energy, this rarely comes into play, other than in battle. When faced with ice or cold-based powers, however, they tend to have a more powerful effect on him. The thickness of Ryugi's clothing helps prevent them from dealing a large amount more damage. Without them, he would take 50% more damage from cold or ice-based abilities, assuming he cannot counter them with his own abilities. With them, Ryugi takes roughly the same level of damage as anyone else due to the insulation of his outfit serving to protect him.

Energy / Stamina System:
Ryugi’s ability to fight and use energy attacks relies completely around his body’s ability to do so. An “Energy / Stamina System” regulates this. In addition to a “Life / Stamina bar”, Ryugi's energy attacks run off of his body's ability to filter and extract energy from the elemental planes of fire and light. His body does this naturally at a decent rate allowing him the equivalent of one Adamant Fireball ((10 Energy)) per turn without negatively effecting his energy, and he recovers roughly that same amount each turn he is not using energy. Ryugi has, effectively, two gauges in combat.

The Energy Bar -
The “Energy” equates to Ryugi’s body’s natural tolerance and ability to his use of energy in combat. If he uses too much too quickly, the energy depletes, and Ryugi’s energy attacks will cut into his Stamina or HP. However, he can drain and refill this zone for attacks, and it is restored by a small amount ((10 Energy each turn)). By not using energy, Ryugi can normally refill this zone by 10 each turn. Different abilities may increase this regeneration, or negate it. Ryugi's limit on this Energy Bar capped at 200 in his normal state, 250 including energy from Ragnarok, and 450 in his "True Ascension" states. Ryugi begins battle with 50, which effectively acts as his body's natural buffer to using attacks. This gauge is not drained by damage in combat.

The Stamina Bar -
Ryugi has a basic Stamina Bar that more or less equates to Ryugi’s fuel to continue to fight. It is similar to an "HP Bar" but does not equate to his effective HP. Instead, this bar regulates Ryugi's stamina and energy to keep up the fight. This is the stamina that his body uses to stay in peak form while in combat, and this stamina zone is drained by damage in battle, starting at a full 100%. Once again, it should be noted that this bar does NOT TRULY REFLECT RYUGI'S HP, but rather reflects how much stamina his body has to keep going. Like a Boxer in the 5th Round, over time, Ryugi's energy in this zone will deplete, especially after taking hits.

Stamina is what is drained when the Energy Bar is gone or depleted. This allows Ryugi to sacrifice his own health and well-being to use attacks in clutch situations if necessary. This gauge can be increased or recovered by healing, or by converting his energy into stamina, but that does not allow for energy to be placed into the Energy Bar. "Healing" by converting energy into stamina does not close wounds or stop injuries, but it does give Ryugi more ability to fight through such impairments. As Ryugi loses stamina from 100, he will slowly become more and more exhausted until he is continuously winded at 50. From 50 he gets progressively weaker until he faints at 0 stamina. Damage taken to Ryugi will drain from the bar variably depending on the severity of the blow, and how effectively Ryugi was in deflecting or blocking the damage. A deflected punch will do no damage to him, while a hit that cracks ribs might do as much as 20 damage to him, making blocking and avoiding strikes paramount to Ryugi's success in a fight when coupled with his energy attacks.

Willpower Conversion -
In exceedingly rare cases, Ryugi's drive to overcome his opponents actually forces him to push himself to incredible limits. Usable only when Ragnarok is charging his body directly, or under extreme plot-based duress, Ryugi can actually make use of his "Unbreakable Resolve" to add power to his attacks. This is due to Ragnarok's Spirit allowing Ryugi to tap into his own spiritual energies, an offshoot of his light/holy elemental powers tapping into the "creation" domain of the divine. Attacks under the influence of this ability might damage foes against which they may normally be ineffective, or simply gain more damage, as Ryugi literally "wills them" to do more damage or strike harder. This ability is actually linked to Ryugi's single most powerful strike, not listed in this profile. In effect, the willpower actually alters reality via a conceptual framework to a small extent to alter the probability of events in question or make things "just so". Unlike Moonblade's warping of reality with his "Lunatic Wish Festival" spell, this manipulation of reality is localized and tied directly into Ryugi's willpower and resolve. As a result, it can only effect things relating to Ryugi or his abilities. The maximum boon of this alteration can increase the damage of Ryugi's abilities by 50%, including to targets that might otherwise be immune to them. On the downside, if Ryugi is utterly and completely demoralized while this ability is in effect, it can have a negative modifier of up to 50%.

Equipment:(Dragonsteel is about as strong as tempered steel, but lighter)

Chest Armor - While Ryugi wears no real armor over his chest, his bones are incredibly dense and resistant to damage, making his ribs almost like internal armor, serving to protect his vital organs from severe battle damage. The lack of any outer armor allows Ryugi's upper body far more maneuverability to fight with his weapons and abilities. He's far from a gymnast, but being able to fight while unhindered by armor gives him an advantage in combat.

Gauntlets - Under Ryugi's jacket and gloves lay his forearm guards. These are dragonsteel gauntlets that curl around from the bottom of Ryugi's forearm to the top at a thickness of one eighth of an inch. These are solid dragonsteel, and hidden from view under Ryugi's gloves. They're strong enough to deflect most bladed weapons without causing harm to Ryugi's arms, however a full on block will still deliver some shock damage to Ryugi's forearms. This allows him to fight with less fear when it comes to blocking attacks from bladed weapons and allow for dispersion of force from blocked punches etc. These can also be removed by unbuckling two metal buckles at each end that hold the devices firmly around his arms. They are padded for comfort inside the curl as well, dulling force further, making them another helpful part of Ryugi's defense.

Boots - His boots have dragonsteel shin/knee guards build right into them and are made light to vastly cut down on movement restrictions usually caused by such heavy equipment. The knee and shin guards cover Ryugi's shins and knees to a thickness of half an inch along with padding for comfort. When Ryugi stands still, the knee portion of the guard sits above his knee about one inch, and when the knee is bent into a kneeing position, the guard sticks out past the knee, giving Ryugi a very painful kneeing attack if it is to strike the opponent. The soles of the boots are thick rubber with a metal plate running under the padding for the foot. This protects his feet from sharp puncturing objects, and tiny spikes protruding to the ground protects from electrical attacks as well, allowing most of the charge to flow out from his body with little harm. The toes of the boots are also dragonsteel, protecting him from any toe stepping that might occur, as well as giving him a painful kick. The boots themselves are made from thick dragonhide leather, donated by Ryugi himself, and are incredibly strong and durable to most attacks.

Jacket - Ryugi's jacket is also full of surprises. The jacket itself is made out of a thick white fireproof material for protection against light bladed attacks. The jacket is insulated and keeps Ryugi warm against most naturally occurring chilly temperatures, further advancing his natural temperature resistance. Inside the jacket are numerous pouches and compartments that allow easy storage for several smaller items, many of them trinkets from Ryugi's past that he cares for deeply. His reason for keeping them in his jacket is so that he can keep his loved ones close to his heart at all times, both mentally, and physically. They serve as a reminder that his friends are always there for him, be they dead, or alive.

Pants - Just like Ryugi's jacket, his pants are also made out of the same thick fireproof material. Their bagginess helps to protect against flying debris, but they don't offer any real protection against bladed strikes. Curiously, they've also become something of a collectors item...

Scarf - Ryugi's scarf is perhaps as synonymous with his identity as his sword Ragnarok. The scarf is thick, fireproof, and strong enough to hold two people's weight easily, and has helped him survive rough times before, even if it can be a hindrance in battle. He only removes it when the fighting is getting serious, and he could use a small boost of speed by removing the drag of the scarf. The story behind the scarf is part of the reason Ryugi keeps it on him as much as possible. The scarf was given to him by a female mage named Kara, who passed away in the quest for Ragnarok. Ryugi has never loved another human being as much as he loved the girl. While originally given to Ryugi to keep him warm during one of the group's colder exploits, it came to represent the pure white of Kara's soul and her never-ending grace and beauty, even to her last and final moments. Ryugi wears it always to remind him that his friend is with him in spirit, and has at times referred to the item as Kara in her memory. The scarf serves no real defensive purpose, but the thickness of the material makes a direct grip on Ryugi's neck slightly more difficult to obtain. It also keeps his neck warm if it's cold outside.

Gloves - Ryugi's gloves are effectively part of the gauntlets, fireproof as well, and have thick layers of woven dragonsteel into the palms as well as a plate across the back of the hand, allowing him to be able to grasp most swords and other sharp objects without fear of injuring his hands. This comes in particularly handy while forging weapons and handling them in his shop. Unknown to all but Ryugi himself, the palms of the gloves are also given a special weave into the dragonsteel threads. This weave serves as an energy leyline, and allows for easier transfer of energy to, and from, Ragnarok for use by the fighter.

Planar Pendant - Ryugi wears a glowing white-blue pendant around his neck that he gained in the fire plane. While not a defensive weapon exactly, it allows him to return to the physical plane if somehow separated from it. The gem is incredibly strong, and nearly unbreakable. It also acts as a reservoir of sorts, and can restore approximately 30% of Ryugi's stamina once per battle. This ability is obviously reliant on whether the pendant had been recharged with energy after its use in combat.

Black Shadow Necklace - This necklace holds a very special place in Ryugi's heart, and is worn under his scarf along with his other necklace. The necklace was given to Ryugi by his good friend Maximos as thanks for holding on to his memory after he'd passed on, when few others bothered. At one time many necklaces were given to Maximos' closest friends, but when he passed on, they all shattered. This necklace is believed to be the first one given to anyone since Maximos returned from death, and Ryugi will fight to protect the necklace as if it were Maximos himself. The necklace allows Ryugi to make a "telepathic phone call" to Maximos, however the only way the pair is able to speak is if Ryugi is calm, and if Maximos decides to pick up. In dire situations the necklace can be used to summon Maximos to Ryugi's location when in need of aid or assistance, or just because, though Ryugi tries not to overuse this ability as per Maximos' request.

Ancalagon's Tear -
The final reward for Maximos' and Ryugi 's quest across Angara in search of the great glass dragon Ancalagon. This simple looking crystal is called Ancalagon's Tear. This crystal is imbued with magical properties. Simply touching the tear to any glass surface will transform its properties. The glass will no longer be fragile, but as strong as the finest steel, along with much less weight. The item will last as long as Ancalagon is alive to sustain its power. Only Maximos or Ryugi are able to use this item's power. If anyone unworthy attempts to use the magic, the crystal will turn red and release back upon the individual, turning them into solid glass.

The Sol Blade – This sword holds a special place in Ryugi’s heart for two reasons. First, it was the first sword he’d ever owned and bought with his own money. It has been on even more adventures with Ryugi than even Ragnarok. After he received Ragnarok, Ryugi placed the sword on the grave of his friend Kara; in a place only he knows how to reach. In life, Kara was a White Mage who had traveled with Ryugi in the quest for Ragnarok. In the final battle before obtaining the sword, she was killed. Ryugi loved her as much as a dragon could love a human being, much as someone has a deep attachment to a pet. Her passing touched Ryugi forever, and he still cares for her greatly.

Second, it was the sword that had the power to defeat the evil being that was known as Ramiel. The being had found a way to increase his power by absorbing the souls of hundreds of elementals. Not only did this boost his own power, but it also gave him control of the elements that the souls had possessed in life. The force of these elements together made it impossible to attack Ramiel with normal magical means as he could take these into himself, and essentially counter each one with a more powerful blast of its anti-element. The power of the Sol Blade allows the weapon to call forth anti-magical energy to negate normal magical attacks. It cannot absorb this energy like Ragnarok. During an earlier fight, Damrius was sent back in time where a younger Ryugi gave him the Sol Blade in order for the older Ryugi to use it and defeat Ramiel.

Sol Blade Attacks –

Negation –
This default ability of the sword allows it to negate incoming magical attacks, within reason, using anti-magic and a turn of charge. Adding more energy to the blade, which can change regular magical energy into Anti-magic, allows the blade to negate higher power attacks at the cost of more energy. The Sol Blade cannot hold any Magical Energy of it’s own.

Ragnarok - Last, but not least, is Ryugi's most powerful weapon. This special greatsword is nearly five feet long, nine inches wide at the blade's widest point, and forged from the finest and strongest Dragonsteel. While not as large as some other great swords (case in point, Cloud's Buster Sword) it is capable of absorbing energy, and then using the stored energy for a powerful attack against Ryugi's opponents. Many believe the sword to use magical means to absorb the energy, however, the true beauty of the weapon is its use of energy leylines. Ryugi controls the flow of energy into and out of the sword by changing the amount of energy within his hands and arms. When the energy is low, the attacking energy is pulled through the leylines inside the sword, and held there by Ryugi who balances the forces using his body. The leylines in Ryugi's gloves make this process much quicker and smoother to accomplish, however, it can be done without them in case they are somehow damaged. When the attack is to be launched, Ryugi fluctuates the energy to a high point in his arms, and then pushes the energy out through the leylines of the weapon for his attack. When this process is combined with energy from Ryugi's body, it makes for many powerful combinations for attack, and defense. Recently, Ragnarok's soul was fully awakened, granting Ryugi new abilities and strength after it is released. (See Ragnarok Unleashed Below)

Elemental Powers - Ryugi has only two elements at his command. His first and foremost is his flame elemental abilities, which have been with him since birth. Ryugi's body pulls raw flame energy from the Elemental Realm of Fire, filters it at a controlled rate, where it is then used to create the many attacks seen on the battlefield. This supplies Ryugi with a practically endless supply of flame energy, however, simply because it is essentially endless, does not mean that he can use as much as he pleases at any given time. Ryugi can make his flames as hot as he pleases, with no limit, as long as he has a way to distance himself from the damage he might otherwise incur from the high temperatures. His secondary element was unlocked when he finally received Ragnarok at the end of his long quest. This element is the holy element of light, and it is light in both senses of the word. Both elements are drawn from their respective realms and filtered by Ryugi's body at a constant rate for use.

Natural Skills –

*Draconic Senses –
At their most basic, Ryugi’s sight, scent, and hearing are enhanced to levels greater than your average human being (scent being the least enhanced), but his other senses (taste, touch) remain the same. In addition to this, Ryugi had both Darkvision, allowing him to see in perfect darkness, out to a range of 60 feet. He also has Low-Light Vision, granting him perfect vision for twice the distance of most creatures, even in incredibly low light.

*Energy Sense –
Angaran Dragons have the innate ability to sense magical energy (similar to a Detect Magic spell) and other energy around them. This ability is passed on to Ryugi in his human form. This can act as a warning system for Ryugi, allowing him to sense opponents even if he can’t see them as long as they have an energy force around them. This also aids him in working out defensive moves for attacks since he can feel where the energy is being built up around or inside a target. This also allows him to gauge the magical strength of an opponent and can help him to decide on countermeasures suited to the situation.

*Energy Sight -
Due to the events of the elimination match for Team Phoenix in HoH 2008, Ryugi lost his right eye to an attack by the eliminator. However, in the subsequent healing and recreation of the eye, Hono and Rae did more than simply heal and repair the destroyed ocular organ. Their powers have gifted Ryugi's right eye the ability not only to see again, but to now physically see the manifestations of magical, elemental, and primal energies around him. In combat, this gives him an edge far greater than simply being able to sense the energies around him as he had before. This sight also allows him to see through energy based disguises. Simply put, if its energy related, Ryugi can see it, or see through it, granting him a massive edge on the battlefield.

*Blazing Aura -
Ryugi is capable of manifesting an aura of flames of up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, safely, out to a maximum range of 10 feet in each direction. This aura can be maintained indefinitely at the cost of Ryugi's passive energy regeneration (or 1 turn of charge if he is gathering more than 1). Ryugi's regeneration, however, does not return until the turn after the aura has been taken down (the regeneration resumes as normal after a post of delay). In addition, this manifestation of Ryugi's fire aura can be used to dampen enemy attacks made against him by him dumping energy into the aura to intercept a majority of the damage, allowing Ryugi's tankiness to absorb the rest of the strike/ The aura can also be used to attack with heat and flames as well, similar to a pulse of fire, heat, and light around Ryugi as an epicenter, with a corresponding energy cost to accompany it. This pulse can range from a temperature spike to unsafe levels, or have physical force to knock away an opponent. Of course, with his aura being maintained, this style of combat is not self-sustaining and is a bit of a gamble. Enemies who strike at Ryugi in close range will have to deal with the aura if they hope to land most weapon strikes against him.

Attack List and Specials
While these are the most commonly used attacks by Ryugi, he may use his fire or light energy to create improvised attacks with his abilities for different situations. Improvised moves can rate in strength from a simple flash of heat or light, to a powerful, driving explosive punch on equal standing with his Supernova Attack in energy consumption. The manifestation of these attacks will vary in execution, and all will have an equivalent stamina drain to accompany them. This allows for Ryugi to creatively use his abilities for any given situation to better his odds of defeating the enemy.

*Note: All attacks can be made more powerful by adding more energy to them, but at a larger drain on Ryugi's person.*

Fire Attacks-

Adamant Fireball – Basic fireball attack about the size of a soft ball, made of compressed flame energy for a bigger blast, usually medium damage consisting of 1st to 2nd degree burns on a target. Considered "dumb" projectiles. ((10 Energy))

Erupting Dragon Fume - Three streams of flames shoot forth in the shape of dragons with Ryugi aiming them to collide with the designated target. *Can be held continuously for more damage if the need arises by using energy for each consecutive turn of use, can be held no longer than three turns* Ryugi must be standing still to use and channel this attack. ((20 Energy - 15 Energy each turn afterward to maintain/channel))

Shoushitsu (Destruction by Fire) - A 6-foot rune appears on the ground for roughly two seconds while Ryugi gathers and channels energy into the rune. Once completed, the attack erupts upwards with a powerful blast of flames capable of creating 1st and 2nd degree burns. Ryugi must be standing still to unleash this attack, and requires a post of uninterrupted charging time, meaning the attack can be unleashed in the span of a single post, but Ryugi must be without interruption and must be standing still in order to unleash it. ((25 Energy))

Unrelenting Flames / Dragon Roar - A 6-foot rune appears in front of Ryugi for roughly two seconds while Ryugi gathers and channels energy into the rune. Once completed, the attack erupts outwards with a powerful wave of flames capable of creating 1st and 2nd degree burns, as well as possible immolation. Attack carries significant knock-back force. Ryugi must be standing still to unleash this attack, though it CAN be aimed through a hand, and requires a post of uninterrupted charging time, meaning the attack can be unleashed in the span of a single post, but Ryugi must be without interruption and must be standing in place in order to unleash it. ((30 Energy))

Supernova - Sends massive ball of flames about the size of a small car at opponent from high in the air with Ryugi guiding the blast with a powerful punch – Ryugi’s favorite finishing move. The basic force is powerful enough to give 2nd-3rd degree burns to the target, as well as send them flying back roughly 30 feet due to the blunt pressure and explosive force the attack releases. Other damage generally includes shock damage to the target's body. Ryugi incurs a drain of 50 Energy from the cost of the attack, as well as shock injuries and damage to his guiding arm from collision with the ground and the attack itself. Due to the limits of Ryugi's body and stamina, this attack can only be used a MAXIMUM of 3 times, and this maximum is ONLY if he uses no other energy based attacks. The attack is actually a powerful burst of energy that acts more like a powerful wave than an explosion, much like a hose spraying off in all directions when striking the ground, and helps to limit Ryugi's own damage suffered during the attack. *After a certain level of energy use the name is changed to Hypernova, and the blast is far stronger. Maximum assumes Ryugi has no stamina left to produce a fourth attack*

Lightspeed Dash – Despite the name, Ryugi does not move at light speed. This technique allows Ryugi to boost in a direction for better evasion and speed. Each boosting action drains a small bit of stamina from Ryugi varying on how long the boost is maintained. Ryugi's form appears to blur slightly during this boosting, and stamina drains from his pool. A full post of "Cooldown" is required after the use of a dash before another may be used, preventing spamming of the attack, and dashes can be used no more than 5 times per battle due to the difficulty of accelerating Ryugi's body to these speeds using his own energy. Using the ability to augment a sword strike does not count toward the limit of this ability. ((20 Energy))

Limit Release -
Ryugi uses his whole body as a portal to the Elemental Realms of Fire and Light to unleash an eruption of flames (10-30 feet in diameter depending on given situation), a famous "Battle Finisher", intense damage -3 turn preparation with zero energy use and no attacking actions, 5 turn recovery with full physical and energy exhaustion after, attack lasts no more than 10 seconds at no more than 800 degrees Fahrenheit and causes severe (2nd - 3rd degree) burns to the target. Ryugi's flame resistance prevents him from being dealt critical damage by his own attack, but even he feels the burn, often leaving his skin exposed skin blistered, and his more insulated skin reddened by 1st degree burns. The attack requires a rest period of exhaustion and a lack of energy for 5 posts as his body recovers from the shock. Effective combat for those five posts is all but impossible, and even after, the match is more or less over for Ryugi if his opponent has not fallen. However, this tradeoff produces thunderously powerful results.

Light Attacks –

Light Manipulation - This technique allows Ryugi to call on light energy to form any number of solid objects for attack or defensive purposes, much like a shadow elemental, but using light energy instead. Stamina is used to manifest objects based on their size and complexity. ((10 drained for small objects [knives, brass knuckles], 25 drained for medium objects [shortsword, katana, light shield, longsword etc], 40 drained for large objects [energy walls, heavy shield, greatsword, greatspear, lance, large ball and chain, tower shield, buster sword etc], varying on overall construction))If the objects are not destroyed in combat, the energy can be reabsorbed by Ryugi and used to replace some of the stamina lost during their creation.

White Reflection - White Reflection is a style of combat that builds upon Ryugi's Light Manipulation to create "reflections" of weapons or defensive measures using holy or light energy. Rather than using his stores of energy to create explosions or flashy attacks, this style is focused completely on Ryugi utilizing his energy to manifest weapons or shields. For all intents and purposes, items created are understood to be on par with "Standard Equipment" as far as strength and durability. Stamina drained is variable. Creating a katana drains less than creating a buster sword etc. All weapons created retain their "Standard Equipment" durability, but due to their energy construction, they weigh approximately 80% of the standard item's weight. If the objects are not destroyed in combat, the energy can be reabsorbed by Ryugi and used to replace some of the stamina lost during their creation. (Item creation takes 1 turn.) Ryugi can manifest as many weapons as he wants, but he only has two hands with which to wield them... While a "Rain of Swords" would be possible given Ryugi's ability to manipulate his own energy, it would not be an effective means of attack. The drain on Ryugi's stamina alone would make it all together useless as a real form of attack. Larger and more complex weapons can be created during that single turn, but require equivalent stamina to create them. Rates can be seen above in Light Manipulation.

Energy Conversion –
This ability takes energy from Ryugi's Energy Bar and converts it into stamina. This takes no real time, and can be done in-between attacks or while Ryugi recovers from an attack. It cannot be done during an attack, or while Ryugi is attacking, however. It heals no wounds and fixes no damage done to Ryugi, but it CAN be used to offset draining damage to his life force or stamina done by Negative Energy. ((Adds an equal conversion of Energy to Ryugi's Stamina Bar.))

Super-Saturation –
An offshoot of Ryugi's Energy Conversion ability. Ryugi's body glows with ethereal golden-red flames as he OVERCHARGES his stamina with an abundance of energy. By doing this, Ryugi can actually enhance his speed and durability to attacks of any sort based upon the percentage of energy above 100 he places into his body. For example, 110 would be 110%. This ability can also enhance Ryugi's strength to it's maximum limit of 6000 pounds, and increase the ease by which he hefts such weight. This trick was something he gathered from fighting Joshua, and seeing how the man enhanced the strength of his physical form by super-saturating it with the essence of life itself. Unlike the above ability, however, this actually takes the place of an attack, and requires Ryugi to have an excess of energy to burn to supercharge his body. As with anything striking Ryugi, his stamina will be lessened by attacks striking him, and also serve to lessen the boon granted by this ability.

Flash Bang - Launches anywhere from one to three concentrated balls of light energy at an opponent, explosion can temporarily deafen an opponent, and flash can temporarily blind, no damage, only inflicts status change. The flashes of light are powerful enough that they can temporarily blind an opponent even through closed eyelids, forcing them to turn away to avoid the blast, or cover their eyes. Covering their ears will eliminate the threat of deafness. Duration is usually no more than 3 posts. Time extended to 5 posts for beings with "sensitive" ears and eyes, Ryugi included if he's within the effective blast radius. ((15 / 30 / 45 Energy for one, two or three projectiles.))

Adamants' Blessing – Uses Holy/Light energy to heal wounds and injuries. Heals roughly a quarter of Ryugi's (or target's) HP, and requires Ryugi not to be attacking, or in the process of engaging an enemy in order to be used on himself, hindering his ability to use it during battle. Can be used to attack undead like a normal attack. It is similar to a Paladin's Lay-on-Hands ability. This technique can be used up to four times daily. ((Equal to a 50 Energy attack against Undead / costs 50 Energy))

Adamants' Mending – Using positive energy, Ryugi can use his power to mend or fix broken objects. Continued use of this ability will continue the process until an item is restored to pristine glory. Unlike his other abilities, this one was learned after Ryugi took up his craft of weapon-making and forging. It requires negligible energy, but requires time. The larger and more complex the object, the greater time it takes. Magical items can be repaired using this ability, but their enchantments and magical powers will not be replaced.

Adamant Rain - Large runic circle appears under Ryugi's feet as he pulls in energy for the attack (1 turn). Then, burning pillars of light energy erupt into the sky for burning (2nd-3rd degree) damage, from a second rune that appears under the opponent moments before the attack is released (1 turn). Then, after a short delay, the energy falls to the earth in a powerful beam of light energy for even more damage (shock damage + burning damage), as well as slamming an opponent to the ground (1 turn). Attack takes a total of 3 turns. If the attack strikes Ryugi, he takes the attack similarly to damage from Limit Release with 1st and 2nd degree burns rather than 2nd and 3rd, plus whatever fall damage he would incur. ((50 Energy drained across the three turns 10/20/20))

Light Clone – Ryugi uses tightly compressed photons to create a light clone of himself. It looks identical to Ryugi in every aspect, can assist Ryugi in combat, and even emits the same energy signatures. Only "soul sight", or other senses can distinguish the clones from the real Ryugi. Sometimes two heads are better than one. In dire situations, the clone can self-destruct for heavy explosive damage to an opponent. More than one clone can be created, but the large amount of energy needed usually limits Ryugi to one or two clones lest he completely exhaust himself. ((40 Energy drain per clone))

Adamant’s Revival - To perform the revival, Ryugi must have access to the body of a creature that died no more than 5 hours ago. He channels massive amounts of holy and positive energies into the creature's body to rekindle the dampened life force, and give its soul a place to call home once again. The subject returns to life as if he or she had taken an extended rest, and awakes feeling slightly disoriented, but well. The effects will wear off, but the person will tire easily as they adjust once more to living. He can not restore life to a creature that has been petrified or to a creature that died of old age as their body would be incapable of sustaining itself. The subject’s soul must be free, willing, and able to return to life. If the powers that be choose to deny the ability, Ryugi will be incapable of completing it, but the stamina drain incurred will still be present. ((100 Energy))

Ragnarok Attacks –

Energy Absorption –
Ragnarok absorbs energy from attacks or other source (Direct feeding from Ryugi) and stores for Special Attacks, no damage, and basis for all special sword attacks. Ragnarok can use energy of its own, but must draw from Ryugi for attacks over a certain level of power. These attacks are assisted by Ragnarok's own strength, and thus cause less stamina to be lost than an attack of equal strength done by Ryugi alone. Ragnarok can hold up to the equivalent of 50 of Ryugi's energy within it's form.

Blast Shield -
Ryugi charges Ragnarok with energy, creating a shielding force across the blade. The force blocks against energy attacks, but drains energy or health equivalent to the amount of energy used to protect against them. The move prevents Ryugi from taking direct attack damage in most cases, but depending on how powerful the opposing attack is, the energy and stamina loss may not effect him noticeably or, at its worst, it could kill Ryugi.

Attacks roughly on par with the power of Ryugi's Supernova can be blocked by this kind of power, however, Ryugi suffers heavy exhaustion after blocking this kind of attack, and will continue to be exhausted at this level after two uses. Ryugi can use this ability safely at maximum power once, but must wait for his energy to recover before using it again at full power (5 turns of using no energy attacks). Ryugi can use Blast Shield to take 3 consecutive attacks of this power, but afterward, he'd be too exhausted to continue to move. If Ryugi uses the attack a 4th time at this level, it will result in his death. Spamming the ability would gain Ryugi nothing except death or unconsciousness, neither of which would be beneficial to his cause. This requires Ryugi to use the ability sparingly. For those familiar with fighting games, this functions similar to the "Barrier" of Guilty Gear or BlazBlue, except rather than a barrier gauge, it drains Ryugi's energy and/or health. Just to clarify, the death and unconsciousness only happens if Ryugi does not allow himself enough time between blocked attacks to recover the energy required to use the ability safely. The death and unconsciousness factors below are reliant on Ryugi using the ability every single time he would take damage, consecutively, of the type listed below, before he would go unconscious or die. Using the ability over the stated number of times, safely, is possible, as long as Ryugi is sparing with his use of the ability, and does not spam it, which was the intended cost of him using it too much as a balancing factor.

Breakdown is as follows:
3 Heavy Attack Blocks (approximately 50 energy/health each) - 4th equals death
6 Medium Attack blocks (approximately 25 Energy/Health each) - 7th equals death
10 Light Attack Blocks (approximately 8.33 Energy/Health each) - 10th equals instant unconsciousness upon completion

Energy Lance –
Ragnarok fires a burst of energy that streaks across the ground towards an opponent for damage. Adding an equivalent amount of energy into the strike can increase the number of these lances, but at a greater cost to Ryugi's energy or stamina. A single Spear covers an approximate area of five feet across and five feet high, with an approximate maximum range of 30 feet in a line, while multiple Spears are of the same dimension, but fan out into a "20 Foot Cone or V-shaped" Area of Effect. ((10 Energy plus an additional 10 for each additional lance.))

Adamant Spear –
Jumping up with a sword strike, Ryugi unleashes a hail of burning energy spears (3-9) towards a target for area damage and possible piercing damage. Considered "Dumb" projectiles. At maximum this attack covers an area of approximately 45 square feet with one lance striking in a 5 foot square on the ground, dealing damage to anything within the area, and more for a direct strike. ((15 Energy for 3 spears plus 5 for each additional up to a maximum of 45 drain for all 9.))

Vorpal Slash –
Ragnarok releases a superheated slash of energy that cuts the air in twain as it moves. The blade is capable of cutting through heavy defenses and armor for moderate damage to the target inside. If used against an unarmored opponent it can heavily damage an opponent, if not be fatal. Luckily, the attack is easy to dodge, being a single slash, unless used at close range where the high speed of the attack is put to its highest effectiveness. If the attack is interrupted, the energy stays within the blade, and is not expended, and the attack is not fired off, however the move requires a cooldown of a post before it can be used again, as Ryugi must recollect himself for a second attempt. Named in honor of a blade said to destroy a powerful and formidable beast. ((40 Energy))

Titan Blade -
An old favorite of Ryugi that has since been returned to active combat duty. Using stored energy within Ryugi and Ragnarok, the sword grows to an enormous size (3x normal) using the energy for intense damage at close, medium, and long ranges. The energy composition means the weapon does not actually get that much heavier, however, the cutting power and force are increased significantly. The sword can not remain in this state indefinitely, however, and will expire in three posts. ((40 Energy))

Adamant Fang -
While Ragnarok is under the influence of the Titan Blade technique, Ryugi jumps into the air and brings the massive sword down in a titanic cleaving slash, which cracks the earth below, causing a massive eruption of searing energy, rocks, and flames to soar into the air to damage the opponent. Capable of inflicting 2nd-3rd degree burns to the target, as well as possible crushing damage from the blade itself, and bludgeoning damage from the debris kicked up from the blast. ((Burns away the 40 Energy within the body of the blade for the attack, prohibiting Ryugi from returning it to his person.))

Mirror Edge –
Just as Maximos's blade Ankokuko uses shadows to inflict multiple attacks with its Rondo and Knights of the Round abilities, Ryugi has devised a way to empower his swordplay with his light energy. This technique is expensive, and rightfully so. Using energy, Ryugi can amplify the damage of any individual sword swing by creating a "reflection" of the blade with energy to strike in tandem. By using 40 Energy to create a large energy construct, Ryugi doubles the power of his sword strikes. This can be repeated up to a maximum of 4 times to quadruple Ryugi's striking damage. Of course, the high cost is prohibitive, meaning Ryugi must be capable of gathering the energy to do so, and must create the copies at the same time, limiting it further. ((40 / 80 / 120 / 160 Energy))

Ragnarok Unleashed:
Recent events have released the spirit of Ryugi's sword into its true, sentient form. This spirit appears to Ryugi as a massive silvery Platinum Dragon with golden eyes that shines with a celestial light. The spirit also has a human form, as is custom with all Angaran Dragons, and appears as a young woman with golden eyes and flowing platinum locks of hair. The released spirit of the sword grants Ryugi several abilities that he previously did not have. However these abilities are only granted through Ragnarok.

The Well-Traveled Blade -
Ragnarok is a very old sword, and as such has seen and heard thousands upon thousands of events. While its self awareness had not always been present, it held information of many of these events dating back to before Ryugi's birth. This knowledge and experience can be granted to Ryugi upon request, or whenever the weapon wishes to bestow it upon Ryugi. The farther back the event, the foggier the memories are, as less of the sword's awareness had existed.

Spiritual Awareness -
Being a spirit itself, Ragnarok has the ability to see and communicate with spirits. This ability can allow Ryugi to speak with them, using Ragnarok like a translator or go-between. To date, Ragnarok has not bestowed this "Spirit/Soul Sight" upon Ryugi, though it is theoretically possible as both Ryugi and Ragnarok are strongly linked to one another due to their years of being together and fighting as a team. Also, Ragnarok's spiritual existence allows the weapon's spirit immunity from purely physical objects. This also works the opposite direction as well, preventing the spirit from protecting Ryugi from purely physical objects. However, due to this, Ragnarok can actually dampen the effect of spiritual energies used against Ryugi.

Sentience -
Ragnarok is a sentient being, and is now aware of its own existence, and the existence of its partner in battle far more than ever before. Ragnarok has power of its own, and can attack of its own free will using energy within the blade, or when Ryugi asks for assistance from the spirit. Ragnarok gains 10 energy per turn for its own use up to its maximum of 50. Ryugi can use it himself, or Ragnarok can make use of the energy independently of Ryugi to aid its partner in combat (giving Ryugi the effect of 20 energy per turn). It can even attack when not in direct contact with Ryugi, making the pair able to fight alongside even if the weapon is not directly in Ryugi's grasp. Ragnarok can also use some of its abilities to move its own physical form, but cannot move objects other than itself with its powers.

*Weight Augmentation*
While Ryugi can wield Ragnarok due to his strength, the sword's weight is still easy to see in his swordplay, limiting his movements. Ragnarok has power of its own, and can use this power to augment its weight for its wielder if Ryugi so wills it to. This is done by tracking Ryugi's movements, and using its own power to add positive force and counteract negative force (IE - some of the force of gravity or its own inertia and momentum). This allows Ryugi to wield the sword with greater ease, while the sword itself doesn't truly get any lighter. One could consider it somewhat similar to having two sets of hands wielding the blade rather than one. The sword's effective weight is seemingly reduced by about 35%.

*Shining Sword*
This ability gets its name from Ragnarok's glowing status while undergoing it. When in this form, Ryugi can get a slight boost in his stats as long as Ragnarok is within his grip, as Ragnarok uses its own energy to assist Ryugi in battle. However, this is still a limited ability, and does not give Ryugi a massive jump to his abilities. This is not to mean that the effects are not noticeable, just that they have their limits as Ragnarok is not directly charging Ryugi's body. While in this state, Ragnarok adds another tick of 10 to Ryugi's energy each turn (making the total 30), and adds a small increase to Ryugi's strength.

*True Ascension*
This ability is granted to Ryugi by Ragnarok as the two fight as a single entity. The effect is achieved after Ryugi utters the command to unleash Ragnarok from his sealed state within the sword. After the blade's spirit is unleashed and controlled by a set of commands. The First Command is the utterance of the word "Release." The sword's spirit then merges with Ryugi based upon the Second Command, granting him one of two different effects until Ryugi is defeated, or the sword is once again commanded to "Release" which returns the blade to its neutral state. In the neutral state, Ryugi can then seal the spirit back into the blade, or change forms depending on the command.

-Warrior of Changing Fate-
Command - "Ragnarok!! Shine and cut through the darkest night!!"
Strength - Ryugi's body can unleash its maximum strength in every physical attack.
Speed - Ryugi's agility is increased because of his body's ability to utilize its full strength.
Energy Recovery - Total increased to 50 each turn. Granted, Ryugi is using this level to fight off his foes.

The Warrior Form of Ragnarok, representative of Ryugi's warrior side and righteous heart. In this form Ragnarok's power is merged with Ryugi's own, and the two fight with magnificent power to change the outcome of the battle for the better. While in this form, all of Ryugi's stats are increased dramatically, except for his defense which does not increase. This gives Ryugi the chance to overpower his foes at the cost of his own safety. It should be noted, however, that Ryugi's endurance is strongly increased as Ragnarok's energies fight to hold him together. So, while Ryugi's defense is not strongly increased, he is able to withstand powerful attacks to his person that may have proven fatal otherwise. If devastating wounds have been inflicted during the battle, once the form is released, Ryugi may collapse from heavy injuries as Ragnarok's energies can not directly sustain him. While under the influence of this form, Ryugi's body glows with a bright blue-white aura. Soul-sight will reveal Ragnarok's form joined with Ryugi's as their spirits fight together.

-Cradle of Impending Fate-
Command - "Ragnarok!! Protect and Brace the Pure of heart!"
Strength - Ryugi's body can unleash its maximum strength in every physical attack.
Defense - Ryugi's defenses are bolstered by golden plate. Armor absorbs most magical energies.
Energy Recovery - Total at 30 each turn. Supplemented by foes' energy.

The Protective Form of Ragnarok, representative of Ryugi's protective side and pure heart. In this form Ragnarok's power surrounds Ryugi in a golden suit of plate armor that glows with a celestial light and protects Ryugi from harm, allowing him the chance to continue the battle and reach his goal. While in this form, Ryugi's defense and stamina are boosted dramatically, while his speed is lowered. His power remains the same. The armor also absorbs and purifies magical energy from attacks, allowing Ryugi to use it in battle against his foes. Soul-sight will reveal the armor glowing brightly with spiritual energy.

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March on, the fire in the sky
Live now, tomorrow we may die
Stand strong, desire to survive
Till the end of time.

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