Hey all,

I'm not new to gaia but this account is. I'm almost 30 *shiver* and feel a bit old compared to the usual crowd. I'm transgender (FtM) & open to questions or discussion on pretty much any subject! I like art, yaoi, RP, drawing, reading, writing and singing (badly). I am not a squeamish person- I do taxidermy and volunteer at the Coroner's office and will try just about any weird food at least once. I own ball pythons and they are my sweet babies. Not looking for relationship, but I love to chat or get random PM's.


If you post with a font smaller than this, I may ignore you. It's a pain in the arse to read and it bothers me to squint to read your response. Please consider this for farsighted old farts like me when you format posts. If you don't care, then go for it!

QUOTE ME IF YOU'D LIKE ME TO SEE YOUR POST OR REPLY! I flit around here and check in on my guilds but if I post in another forum that i don't go to much I will probably forget! If I OWE you RP or art, PLEASE pm me with a poke!

My username for all social media will be Aazhie, please don't abuse this and I cannot promise if you email an aazhie that it will be me! Just send me your username and context so I don't have to figure out who you are <3

Thanks! ;3