It's been a long time.. A lot's happened. That place we had the free class has since closed down. No more Clockworks Cafe. Let's see.. We were forced into moving. We lived with my mom and her new husband for a while, then were finally able to get our own place. We both had work.

My work went away first. We celebrated a year in our apartment. Then, last month on the 15th, Jemi lost his job unexpectedly after working his way up the ladder to Assistant Manager..

After a few weeks he'll be starting a new part-time job on Monday, we're praying for another, and I can't seem to get a doctor so far. I have one last lead, but if it doesn't pan out then I can't get any help. At this point, I hardly leave the house. My anxiety's on a whole new level and my biggest accomplishment is if I can get up in the morning, get dressed and manage to do little things around the house. I have no idea how we'll manage rent or bills, and we've already had to ask for financial help from family.. I really hate this. Life turns on you suddenly.

At least he found work now. If I can see this doctor and get some meds, get myself stable, then I'm sure I can get some work, too.

I wish life were much easier. Wish us some luck.